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Wippit Guud Nov 6 '12 2:09pm

No! Bad Disney! Not Yours!
The Link

There is a rumor that Disney is going to buy Hasbro.

I cannot cope with the idea of Disney owning Dungeons and Dragons.

Kerim Nov 6 '12 2:14pm

Why? They can't unbalance it any more than they already did.

Also, I'd like to see what kind of stats the famous Disney characters have.

Stormcracker Nov 6 '12 2:17pm

Oh sweet merciful Computer! All the crazy conspiracy theories were true! First they get the hearts of our children with cute cuddle characters. Then they get a vast stormtrooper army. Now they get wizards and giant robots! We're all doomed unless we are on the right side!

All hail our new mouse overlords!

Zoycitenega Nov 6 '12 2:31pm

... I'd actually like to see a D&D movie that's really good. I can't see myself going away from 3.5, so it's not like I'll really care what they do to the system. I support the idea.

Kerim Nov 6 '12 2:34pm

Have you ever seen the Gamers movies? They aren't perfect, but pretty good.

Wippit Guud Nov 6 '12 2:36pm

Disney will own... My Little Pony.

I will have to witness the 5th seal being open as Rainbow Dash becomes a character in Kingdom Hearts.

Kerim Nov 6 '12 2:45pm

Okay....... that would just be wrong....

Scarecrow71 Nov 6 '12 2:49pm

This is...I can't...

This is what we can expect from this:

mercutio361 Nov 6 '12 3:26pm

Have you ever seen the Gamers movies? They aren't perfect, but pretty good

This is because writer and director Matt Vancil is a lifelong hardcore gamer! The movie was made BY gamers FOR gamers, so all the focus was on making something we actually WANTED to see! God bless you, Matt Vancil!

As a side note to this, they're in the process of making The Gamers 3! A succesful kickstarter to garner funding to finish filming just recently ended. I can't wait!

As far as Disney buying hasbro, I've come to the conclusion that I will no longer be playing (outside of my current 3.5 game) any more D&D beyond second edition sothat doesn't really make any difference to me in the long run. I will still play Pathfinder, however. But that's another topic altogether. My main hope is that They find a way to keep the D&D franchise separate and autonomous to Disney's other capitolistic ventures....

Oh, and George Lucas, go F*** yourself...

Witchslasher Nov 6 '12 7:16pm

They'll also own Magic the Gathering if they purchase hasbro.. If that happens, I'll be excited for the newest planeswalker:

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