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silverwolfer Nov 7 '12 3:25pm

Reactions On Facebook On Poltics
Has anyone else have to remove folks or block them in facebook during and after the election. The name calling and the fighting that sprung up, after obama won was just intolerable, had to remove 8 people from my sections.

MonkWren Nov 7 '12 3:27pm

Nope. I only befriend reasonable, respectful people.

Powderhorn Nov 7 '12 3:29pm

The people I have as friends are friends for various reasons, but none of them are because they are for or against any political party. While some have had very strident tones about the election and it's results, my friendship is not one based around politics. I can have differing opinions (or merely less bellicose ones) without feeling under siege with my own facebook friends, but I may also have a high tolerance for it.

Cthulhu Nov 7 '12 3:36pm

I didn't block anybody. But I did prioritize a few so that only 'important' updates would appear on my wall rather then every link with pro-Obama sites or whatever. Yes...a lot of those political cartoons and demotivational posters I was sent were clever! But a dozen in a row, every 12 hours, is excessive.

Krimson Nov 7 '12 4:02pm

Sadly a girl I went to school with turned out to be a northern so despite knowing her 25 years, she's gone.

Wippit Guud Nov 7 '12 5:12pm

The few GOP supporters on my Facebook are of the "learn from our loss" subset, and even know that it was certain Rebuplican's fault that the Senate gained a few Democrats (anything rape-related, basically). But they're happy their own area is still GOP. Being that they're both lawyers, I can accept their thinking.

Don't think I have any outright pro-Obama people on my wall.

In other news, the number of marijuana leaves and people wanting to move to Colorado is spamming me off the internet...

Solaris Nov 7 '12 5:44pm


Originally Posted by Krimson (Post 6273661)
Sadly a girl I went to school with turned out to be a northern so despite knowing her 25 years, she's gone.

You would end a friendship over politics?

Powderhorn Nov 7 '12 5:49pm

(I'm honestly still wondering what a "northern" is. Does somebody still have bitter memories about a stroll through Georgia?)

Lord Ben Nov 7 '12 6:47pm

I removed nearly all my vocal lefty friends and family from Facebook long ago. During the Walker recall stuff I started removing anyone that compared a Republican to Hitler or personally insulted me. The problem took care of itself and there are none of them left now.


"Supporting Walker? Nifty! Take Monday off, go to all the schools in your area. Look each child in the eye when you tell them that they don't matter, just before you slap them as hard as you can. Then beat up the teachers and take their money, taking special care to stab friends and family in the back. Don't kill them, though, as you'll need to do this every day for the rest of your life."
That was the last I talked to that "friend".

Krimson Nov 7 '12 6:58pm


Originally Posted by Solaris (Post 6273939)
You would end a friendship over politics?

Politics no. The thinly veiled racism yes.

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