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noobiegameplayer Nov 8 '12 11:43am

Stupid DM's ...
Replaces What was that? thread

Celtic Guardian 7 Nov 8 '12 12:00pm

An oddly fitting roll considering her distraught state.

electricpiper Nov 8 '12 2:35pm

Lakkariel has a +19 in arcana. But first you have to convince him to walk into the same room as Giddis.

noobiegameplayer Nov 8 '12 2:59pm


So now you're all heightest ... tsk tsk tsk ... ;)

noobiegameplayer Nov 9 '12 1:00am

Have only just got home ... :(

I'll post the results of Gidds' search in the morning ... sorry all, a long long day :(

Things will be a lot better in the morning :)


Rumrunner Nov 9 '12 7:44pm

What happened to the ooc... I know are characters aren't all getting along but that doesn't mean we can't still have a chat.

noobiegameplayer Nov 9 '12 9:25pm

LOL ... busy Friday ;)

I'm going to see England v Fiji at Twickenham tomorrow, so won't post till late tomorrow night -- just letting you know :)


electricpiper Nov 10 '12 10:00pm

Eh, I've kinda just been snoozing as much as I could outside of work. I don't know how we got so busy in November of all months, but it happened.

noobiegameplayer Nov 12 '12 9:01am

Sorry everybody, busy weekend

Forgot it was rememberance day Sunday yesterday -- and everything that went with it, then we had "people" come over for dinner ...

Ho hum ...

noobiegameplayer Nov 12 '12 12:53pm

Edited out my slight character / player mix up ... also fixed up a certain players smart*rse way of pointing it out to me :)

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