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KillerK Nov 8 '12 9:02pm

The Deadliest Game: an urban adventure of deadly intrigue
So I decided to start up an urban campaign in a capital city of 200,000 ish souls in my homebrew world of Akuroth. Read up on the setting info here. The threads are listed in order of importance (top down) but for the richest understanding of the world and how you can make a character that feels organic to that world necessitate at least skimming all of it.

Character apps go here, please. Character creation instructions can also be found there, but here's the short of it:

Level 6, any 3.0/3.5 sources *except* ToB, ToM, Incarnum, Psionics, or Eberron (even if it was included in a core book later). No exceptions. If you want campaign-specific stuff from other settings, run it by me and I'll see if it works. Also, no BoVD for PCs. Pretty much anything/everything else is on the table. Level includes any racial HD.

Races: I'd rather not have anything more than +2 LA. Also it has to be a race that wouldn't be completely out of place in the city of Ninuroth as described in the setting information. So probably no outsiders or funky monsters or animals.

I'd like to have a balanced party but in the end it will come down to who has the best writing and backstories. Also just because this is an urban campaign doesn't mean I need or want only sneaky/guileful characters. Yes, rogues, bards, beguilers etc. fit well but I'd rather not have every application be for one of those types. I draw HEAVILY from Cityscape (obviously) so anything in there is fine/encouraged.

In your backgrounds at the end make sure you specify how and/or why you are in the city now (if you haven't been in the city forever anyway). Also if you end up having any strange/powerful/out-there magical items it'd be nice but not necessarily required to know how you acquired them, as regular people in Ninuroth can't just go out and throw down a pile of gold to buy a +2 vampiric greatsword of smiting, or whatever.

Devilschef Nov 8 '12 9:11pm

Sounds interesting

kuyote the fool Nov 8 '12 9:21pm

Never really played in an urban campaign, this sounds very fun!

Question, though. Are class variants from Dragon Magazine allowed?

JohnReaper22 Nov 8 '12 9:30pm

Sounds interesting... I have a few questions to run by you but other than that I'm interested.

silverwolfer Nov 8 '12 9:38pm

WildWalker PRC from Faiths and Patheons (FRCS)

A cleric/Ranger PRC that deals with a god focused on wind/portals/and generally being a nice guy to travelers. Would fit nicely along the port section of your city I think, and a sort of outside traveler between the city walls and whatever maybe e around it.

KillerK Nov 8 '12 9:42pm

That would be fine, silverwolfer, just refluffed to serve some non-Faerun-specific god. Fharlanghn or Celestian or somesuch. :)

Kuyote, urban campaigns can be very, very different from traditional campaigns. But that's what makes them fun! Seriously though having access to Cityscape is pretty important so if anyone doesn't have it I suggest taking a look for it.

Cirlot Nov 8 '12 10:00pm

Would a Half-Elven
Using the Racial Substituion Levels from Races of Destiny
Ranger be out of place? Also given the slightly elevated racial tension - you note, for example, half breeds are accepted but not as favored as full blooded humans - is the Scar Enforcer PrC from RoD could be
It might not translate directly over - there seems to be no "Half Breeds for Half Breeds!" sentiment in the city but at the same time I could see the Mind Web or The Shadow Snakes using something similar to a Scar Enforcer, a gang or group of low level operatives capable of moving between the two dominant city populations, be it as thieves, information brokers, smugglers or even assassins . . .
viable in setting?

EDIT: . . . or, if there are already rangers brewing about in the offing, would a spellthief from Complete Adventurer work?

silverwolfer Nov 8 '12 10:05pm


Phaulkon, from the greyhawk (which I think is core?)

tbonejc Nov 8 '12 10:12pm

I have an idea to run by you. With this setting how about a drunken monk/swashbuckler who takes, almost involuntary, a vow of poverty. He's drunk almost all the time and just gives his money out to anyone thinking they're needy. He would take the sleeping tiger variant then go into drunken master PrC. Thoughts?

KillerK Nov 8 '12 10:17pm

A half-elf ranger would be very appropriate for this setting, actually. A normal ranger would not find much to do in this urban setting, honestly. Scar Enforcer is fine. The lists of tensions and such that I wrote are by no means exhaustive of all possibilities. There could be a group of disenfranchised half-breeds who are pissed off about the humans' racial bias and the elves' seeming apathy and withdrawnness toward the whole thing.

tbonejc, that sounds interesting but I don't personally think the words "drunken" and monk belong together...they are so lawful and disciplined to make their bodies perfect, I can't see a monk being a drunkard and still being a monk. Interesting idea though.

Silverwolfer, Phaulkon would be fine.

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