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Tedronai Nov 8 '12 10:04pm

Dresden compatibility of the Fate Character Sheet
How much difficulty would it present to tweak the Fate Character Sheet to be more friendly to the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game?

The biggest change, I think, would be adding a third stress track, maybe expanding the stunts & powers section a bit to accomodate the more power-intensive supernatural templates.

Rodrigo Nov 8 '12 10:46pm

I have no clue, considering I don't play either game system. If you know them both well enough to describe what the differences are, and what changes could be made to make the sheet compatible with both, and could describe those like we're five years old, please do so, and we'll add it to the list.

Michael Nov 8 '12 11:08pm

I have a 4 day weekend coming up. If you can do as Rigo asked, then I'll get it done this weekend.

Tedronai Nov 9 '12 3:24pm

There a several versions of FATE (DFrpg being one of them), and I'm not particularly familiar with all of them (I'm not even sure which one this sheet was designed for) but I don't think any of my proposed changes would have an appreciable negative impact on any of them (beyond having to manually enter some information that is currently static and having to potentially tolerate irrelevant labels or wasted space for the versions that don't make use of those functions). Would you prefer if I started a thread in Gaming Discussion to ask other users to weigh in on these changes?

The (comparatively) large change I mentioned would be to the section of the current sheet labelled "Health & Composure".
Ideally, I think, the changes would include relabelling this section to the more generic "Stress & Consequences", changing the labelling of the lines of checkboxes to be write-in entries, and adding a third line of checkboxes with its own write-in entry.
Additionally, would it be possible to expand each checkbox line to twelve boxes?
This would result in something roughly resembling:

The next 3 lines in that section would require no changes.

To the "Stunts" section, I would request relabelling it as "Stunts and Powers" and expanding it by some number of lines (one line should be easy enough, I think, as, on my screen at least, there is some empty space sitting unused at the bottom of that section, but more would be better). The exact number of lines added, and even this change as a whole, isn't as important, but it would be more convenient sometimes to have more space in that section.

Plugsy Nov 9 '12 4:29pm

I've already had the necessary conversations which is why, if anyone actually reads the list, Dresden shows as being a work in progress.

It's currently stalled because of changes to the whole sheet system.

Plugsy Nov 9 '12 5:12pm


Originally Posted by Tedronai (Post 6280845)
Additionally, would it be possible to expand each checkbox line to twelve boxes?
This would result in something roughly resembling:

Why 12, I only have 8, I do remember you need a way to group them which is why I allowed the use of parentheses between the fields.

Tedronai Nov 9 '12 7:37pm

If you're referring to the 'bug and feature requests' list, I checked that, and didn't notice anything that would cover this. Is there another list I should have checked that I'm not aware of?

I suggestested 12 stress boxes because, without the use of houserules, I believe that to be the maximum available size of a stress track (being the physical stress track for a character of Good or higher Endurance and possessing both Mythic Toughness and Hulking Size).

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