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Dirty Kobold Nov 9 '12 12:46am

Your favorite "Clever" moments in media.
I was just sitting here in starbucks, reading comics, and had my mind blown...

I am watching (kinda) Pepper Potts defend 2 powerless engineers from SandMan and Electro. While she keeps discharging blasts from her Chest RT, she is ultimately doing little to stop them.

When suddenly, one of the engineers, my new freaking favorite character, does the smartest thing I have ever seen a background-ish character do. He taunts Electro into firing a bolt at him where he is huddled against the wall.

At the last second, this guy lunges out of the way, revealing an electrical socket on the wall behind him. Now I looked back, and twice this electrical socket was featured in the background of this "set", but like most readers, I completely ignored it as generic background detail.

Well anyways, the bolt connects with the socket and fries Electro, in the next issue, the lights have gone out and the 2 villains are gone. The one engineer is tending to the injured one and tells Pepper 2 things as she moves to chase the bad guys.

1. "Sand conducts electricity."



This is my new favorite clever moment in media. A time when a character did something clever and incredible that could be done by any average Joe with an above average brain.

Whats your favorite clever moment?

TanaNari Nov 9 '12 6:21am

I'm sorry, but electricity doesn't work that way. You can't "feed back" unless there's physical contact. Electro uses ranged weaponry and would be no more effected by the outlet by blasting it than he would if he'd shot it with a gun.

So. Complete fail.

Vox Clamantis Nov 9 '12 9:38am

Depends. If he's using an electrolaser, the plasma that conducts the electricity could carry it either way.

Who knows what magic/science they use to explain his weapons?

Wippit Guud Nov 9 '12 10:32am


Originally Posted by Vox Clamantis (Post 6280260)
Depends. If he's using an electrolaser, the plasma that conducts the electricity could carry it either way.

Who knows what magic/science they use to explain his weapons?

Uh... it's a mutation. He is a living capacitor who can charge himself with electricity and discharge it at will. he can use the built-up electricity to control electric objects, and can even manipulate bio-electricity in living creatures. Shots like that are described as a static discharge.

TanaNari Nov 9 '12 10:57am

Anyone who's a long time reader of Marvel knows this stuff.

Dirty Kobold Nov 9 '12 2:57pm

Well the arc that hit the outlet never left contact with his body. So maybe he near full capacity and the extra juice that fed back overloaded him? Or maybe I interpreted it wrong and it drained him instead.

Either way, it caused the 2 baddies to flee.

Besides, the WRITERS for Marvel decided it happened. So its not at all a fail.

Dirty Kobold Nov 9 '12 5:22pm

Regardless of the plausibility of my favorite clever moment, I still am curious to learn about everyone else's.

Cleric8092 Nov 9 '12 6:43pm

I like the example, plausible or not.

It made me think of (related, but different as it's the hero, but anyone thorectically could have) Spider Man unplugging the machine/set-up for fusion in the movie with Doc Octupus the first time.

Thinking more... another clever moment was in Game of Thrones, the Knight of Flowers intentionally riding a mare in heat in a joust tournament knowing the huge Mountain that Rides - Clegane would be on an aggressive stallion. Who predictably, goes nuts and makes trouble for its rider.

And against the same opponent later - the Viper of Dorne using a shield with some shiny gold on it and reflecting the sun into Clegane's visor. (Also using a long poisoned tipped spear.)

MonkWren Nov 9 '12 7:01pm

"Do you wanna run this ship?"


"Well... ya can't!" -Serenity.

Dirty Kobold Nov 9 '12 9:04pm

Jayne was always good for a quick laugh.

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