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Cyco Nov 9 '12 11:58am

Archived but Private games not showing up in Gaming History
Is it by design that archived but private games do now show up in Gaming History?

Was looking for an old game I ran but didn't find it in gaming history. Had to go through my old subscribed threads to find it. I was then able to change the game setting from private to closed and it showed up on the subsequent gaming history search.

Wondering how many old archived games might not be showing up on my gaming history if they were set as private when they were archived. Anyway for a user to check?

Michael Nov 9 '12 12:49pm

Nope. And if anyone asks why admin Mike is against the entire concept of "private game" this is reason #34

Cyco Nov 9 '12 1:15pm

Guessing too much to ask that games are reset to closed when archived automatically? Even better but probably even less likely if that could be set for all archived games. Yep, I'm a dreamer. :)

Michael Nov 9 '12 1:50pm

Probably doable, the problem is we don't have a test server.

Cyco Nov 9 '12 2:38pm

Well nice it would be but I'm not that keen. I kinda like having this site up as much as possible :)

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