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N Sequitur Nov 9 '12 2:40pm

Climbing Axis Mundi - A Hunter Chronicle In Need of Players
Some of Climbing Axis Mundi's players have disappeared and not yet posted again. It's at the point now where I need some new players to come in and help refresh the ranks. Does anyone want to try their hands at a Cthulhu-esque Hunter game? Summaries can be given if needed!

Kiriel Nov 9 '12 4:28pm

It's been a long time since I played Hunter, or WoD for that matter. I'll reread my books and come up with a concept.

TheEpicNecropath Nov 10 '12 6:49am

This sounds sweet, I've been meaning to get my feet wet in Hunter for quite a while now.

Nasdaq Nov 10 '12 6:06pm

In like Flynn. Got some ideas. I'll do stuff up when I get off work. Specifically looking at a Maronite Lebonese-American who joined the Army or Air Force and was either a Ranger or a TAC-P before he had an experience on the battlefield that restored his faith and he eventually went OCS and became a Chaplain before retiring, being induced into a certain obvious conspiracy after he encountered a possessed relative, and then became a sort of wandering exorcist/hunter.

kriss1989 Nov 13 '12 2:43am

Hmmm, need some info, basically where is it set and any events that might have gotten the new Hunter's attention. An organic joining into the story is what I'm aiming for.

N Sequitur Nov 13 '12 4:23am

There was a disturbance out in a Lovecraftian country barn that police were called to. Teens had been slaughtered by some sort of giant animal, and it was proceeding to roar and drag a cop into eat (still unseen) when a giant tree fell from the sky. It pierced the barn, sent off a shockwave that knocked everybody around it out, and the PCs woke up in two different places. Those near the barn were sent tumbling into a cavern, woke up in the barn and walked out, and found only a blasted landscape that looked like Fallout and smelt like death. On top? Not much better, only it has buildings that look reduced to rubble.

Nasdaq: Love the concept, can't wait to see what you have if you join.

Porthmeus Nov 14 '12 12:22am

Sounds like a fun game concept. I'd love to get involved. As a big fan of Fringe, I'm thinking maybe a Task force: Valkyrie member might have some interest in the goings on here. Or perhaps a VASCU (FBI Psychic from the Slasher supplement)... or a custom made government psychic spook if the Storyteller allows it.

N Sequitur Nov 14 '12 2:06pm

PM me with your sheet, bio and writing sample when you're ready. :) As for the custom-made government spook, we can discuss this if you'd like over PM. I'm open to ideas.

Burne Nov 16 '12 7:16am

@N Sequitur, it might be worth mentioning what we already have concept wise so potential players know what we have missing. Just a thought to help with the selection process.

N Sequitur Nov 16 '12 4:57pm

You mean in terms of character or story? I can expand on both, if necessary.

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