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MonkWren Nov 9 '12 7:09pm

Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free In One Week

That didn't take long.

MadHatter Nov 9 '12 7:16pm

Now I will check it out! :)

Greyfeld Nov 9 '12 7:20pm

Yep, I've been following the news on and off since they first started discussing it a couple months ago. The F2P system is going to be highly restricted. No raids, only a handful of flashpoints and warzones per week, extremely limited character creation options (restrictions on race and visual customization), limited bag/bank space, and even limited hotbar functionality.

Yes, EA is going to lock out part of the UI for free-to-play customers, unless they shell out cash to unlock it.

So, if all you're interested in are the class stories, go ahead and play your chopped-up game.

Vox Clamantis Nov 9 '12 7:31pm

EA does everything wrong that it is possible to do wrong and still do a thing at all.

UmbreonMessiah Nov 9 '12 7:40pm

And yet somehow, they're still in business....

Greyfeld Nov 9 '12 7:46pm

So is Activision. Both companies are evil as hell, and both of them have horrendous business practices. But people just eat it up anyway.

AngeloftheOdd Nov 9 '12 8:00pm

TOR was decent, and I might still play it from time to time.

Witchslasher Nov 9 '12 8:26pm

Might get back into it.. I was given some coins or something for my previous subscription.. Where's the MW guild gonna be :p

Powderhorn Nov 9 '12 8:54pm

I used to play a scrapper scoundrel, but it felt like every patch for the first four months kicked scoundrels in the teeth. The game got stale (like warmed over WoW) and I just couldn't justify paying $15/mo. for it. Now that it's "free to sample" (because let's be honest, that's what this is), I'm even more disgusted by EA, and will certainly not re-install the game.

Ryfte Nov 9 '12 9:23pm

EA and Activision are both companies that survive on sports and war game rehashes, lol. Both game genres I NEVER buy. ;)

Edit: Activision has some variety I guess. *shrug*

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