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Wippit Guud Nov 10 '12 4:08am

Mojang "Scrolls"
Anyone see this game yet? Wish I had Alpha access.

Combine a classic CCG with a Heroes of Might and Magic battle hex board. The concept looks pretty good.

Witchslasher Nov 10 '12 1:10pm

Seems cool.. It reminds me of Hero Academy..

mercutio361 Nov 10 '12 4:44pm

This does look pretty interesting. May have to check it out

Dire Lint Nov 12 '12 4:17am

I don't know much about it. Mostly that Bethesda sued Mojang over the name, claiming it would make people confuse it for Skyrim, and won.

Wippit Guud Nov 12 '12 11:54am

Yeah.. Scrolls vs Elder Scrolls.

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