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Bladesong Nov 12 '12 1:06am

Merchants and Death
Hey everyone,

So after a highly successful first DnD session with an actual group of friends (somehow playing DnD by yourself doesn't work :P)(btw everyone love community for inspiring them) I decided to post up a game here to work on my DM skills, we will be starting the same way they did but will probably break off into our own story line (after all, its your characters and decisions).

You are allowed to use anything from the three Player's Handbooks, preferably no hybrids and no background/theme bonuses. I will be looking for 3-5 players who are able to post at least once every 24 hours, preferably more. I will also need a token for those i choose for the battle map. It will most likely be a very hack and slash game but i will be working on my describing skills as well.

Post your applications in the game forum. You don't have to make a character sheet till after your selected if you don't want to as i will not make the selection based off stats (but maybe class). Selection is made when I have enough applications that i like the look of, i will then decide based on the applications and classes.

Feel free to ask any questions,
Thanks guys

Bladesong Nov 12 '12 3:08am

level 1, standard 22 point buy. Forgot to mention that :P

Harsgault Nov 12 '12 3:32am

That knowledge does help. ;)

SkyWindKicker Nov 12 '12 5:02am

I am curious as to what you see for dwarves. I've been looking to play as a dwarf for awhile but one that breaks the normal idea of "Smashy drunk" dwarf.

Sentinel Nov 12 '12 6:45am

are you allowing Martial Power, Divine Power, etc. or just the players handbooks?

Bladesong Nov 12 '12 7:14am

Currently I would prefer to only use the player's handbooks, i'm not familiar with the Martial Power etc collection although i COULD learn (this would slow down the game a bit, maybe). As for dwarf I am impartial as to what you do with them and personality etc, so i don't mind if you don't play a "smashy drunk" dwarf (eg one of the characters was a ranger dwarf who focused quite a bit on the non hammer side)

Secret Agent Cow Nov 12 '12 7:51am

So any race from the Player's Handbooks are allowed? They will all genuinely have an equal shot at getting in?

Kerim Nov 12 '12 7:56am

Could I ask why you'd rather not have us multiclassing? As the Bard, for instance, especially with PHB only, has some pretty good things to gain from Multiclassing.

Or do you mean Hybrids?

SkyWindKicker Nov 12 '12 1:20pm

er...try more the 'I actually know a thing or two about magic' dwarf out to prove his whole species isn't a bunch of hammer loving drunks.

Kerim Nov 12 '12 1:22pm

Oh! Make a loving, nice dwarven bard.

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