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Ancient Heirloom Nov 12 '12 8:23pm

Question About Images in Fieldsets
Hey guys, I've been playing with the tools for the past few days now and I see a lot of people using fieldsets to organize their posts. I wanted to do the same, with an image of my character, but I was unable to make it work, as you can see here: Third post down. Why is it showing up with a link, even though I got it to work earlier in another thread?

DrMorganes Nov 12 '12 9:37pm

Displaying correctly for me. Maybe a transient issue with your image host?

Epicosity Nov 13 '12 12:30am

Displays correctly for me too :)

Mordae Nov 13 '12 3:23am

Gonna guess he figured it out since the post was edited ~10 minutes after this thread was posted. The correct answer is in the wiki.

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