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LDDragon Nov 13 '12 2:43am

Game ad
For reference, here's the game ad:

Who will turn back the Shadows?
Who will defend in the night?
If fangs and claws come at the Malan'whibi tribe,
Who among you wield the sun's light?

We will not stand unaided,
In this shadow of moonlight's path.
The stars may fall, and burn to the ground,
but the demons who strike us shall know our wrath.

For we are of the clans of old
We have walked through the fires of hell.
When the strands of fate weave in our dreams,
Our totems shall rise and protect where we dwell.

Though part of our clan was scattered
Lost through the ages of time
Fast approaching the days of rejoining
Whether they are pure or soiled with grime

Though rifts in our clan may have split us in tway
Strands of fate, which part, always return
Golden sunlight of day, keep starlit shadows at bay
Legends of moonlight will be relearned

The Legends of Moonlight WILL be relearned.

Halurn the savage bard bared his teeth in a wild grin, having finished his recital, turning to the celestial creature in front of him. He wasn't quite sure what it was, possibly a ... platynum ... no, not that word... Platypus? In any case, it nodded once, having completed part of what it was sent here to do, then quickly faded out to embark on the next part of its mission.

Finding the lost tribespeople.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ _______

The main concept is that the players play characters in a modern day setting. They have dreams about a recurring fantasy dream setting, based on D&D3.5 rules, which is where the main game will take place. The dream personas of the characters will be descendants of the (lost) tribespeople, who are being sought out, so that they can return to help with the various challenges, that the Malan'whibi tribespeople are facing. Natural disasters, Shadows, lesser demons, night mares, and so forth. The tribespeople are mainly human, though they have also accepted members of other races into their tribe as actual or honorary members, over the ages. Generally those who have helped them a great deal in the past, and have then passed through the initiation rites.

LDDragon Nov 14 '12 8:04am

Instead of what I have above for animal dream guides, this:

Still under development, but will be something like this:

Animal dream guides:

Guides and protectors of the Malan'whibi tribe.

Still get specific information about their roles and objectives.

Celestial animals. (Ignore standard LA and HD, in terms of levels).
Hit dice: d8.
Skill points per level: 4.
Skills: knowledge (the planes, religion, arcana, history, geography, nature). Sense motive. Spellcraft. Survival. Climb. Jump. Swim. Move silently. Hide (though they tend to glow a bit, so -4 usually). Spot. Listen. Intimidate. Bluff. Diplomacy. Handle animal.
BAB: +3/4 per level.
Good fort and will saves.
DC for abiilties is based on charisma.
Most of their abilities manifest as some form of light.
Ray attacks can come from the eyes or claws or other appropriate places.
Communicate mainly through body language to humanoids (sense motive rolls). If they form close bonds with them, bonuses to sense motive as they develop a kind of rudimentary, intuitive vague telepathy or empathy.

1 Turn undead as a good aligned cleric does. At will: Protection from evil. Light. Telepathy with other animal dream guides, 60ft range. Unifying travel: may intuitively teleport themselves to lost members of the tribe. May transport themselves and other willing tribe members, to bring them to any other tribe members.
2 When within the place of power that the tribe is currently occupying, may use Light ray attacks, 1d6 damage, overcomes damage reduction. Works like a lantern archon's light rays. 2 as a full round action. At will: Guidance.
3 At will: Magic circle against evil. Fly (self only). Align weapon (good). Magic weapon.
4 At will: searing light if at the place of power. Access to light rays even if not at the place of power. Prayer.
5 At will: Sanctuary. Consecrate. Searing light even if not at the place of power. 1/day: Daylight.
6 At will: Dispel evil. 1/day: Remove curse.
7 At will: Dismissal. Sending.
8 At will: Holy smite.
9 At will: Commune (with the The Great Unifier, other other appropriate deities eg a nature one.)
11 At will: Banishment. Undeath to death.
13 3x/day: Holy word.
15 At will: Holy aura.

LDDragon Nov 25 '12 7:07am

Animal dream guide feats:

Guided journey: Requirements: Sacred communion feat. Take a tribe member on a vision journey. While in this state, they enter into trance. Sometimes used to show glimpses of the future or ancient past. Both the tribe member and the dream guide maintain eye contact for a minute in order to initiate this. Every three dream guide levels, may take an extra person on the vision journey at the same time.
Sacred communion: May telepath multisensory images to a friendly tribe member with eye contact. At level one this takes a full round action. At third it becomes a standard. At sixth it becomes a move, at ninth a swift, at twelth a free action, and at fifteenth eye contact is no longer needed.
Enforced sunlight: Light ray does force damage.
Restoring touch: May use lesser restoration on those who have been touched by shadows to get strength back. Charisma bonus plus three times a day.
Stabilizing touch: May stabilize a character at touch range, use unlimited times a day.

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