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matty Nov 13 '12 9:38am

Make Your Own Adventure
This is a re-invention of Kerim's Text based game........

Like before, we need our protagonist. So, each person posting needs to fill in one blank on the character sheet. Nobody is allowed to post twice in a row so that we don't just have one person creating the protagonist.


Name: De'lora Scotta
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Species before becoming a Vampire: Wood Elf
Apparent Age: Equivalent to a human aged 16 years
314 years
Height: 5'8"
Description / Appearance:
Class: Sorcerer
Familiar: Imp
Familiar's name: Kikucho
Brief Background: <BLANK>

What gear is being worn?

Armour - Head Slot:
A helmet made from a dead Grell. It's mostly just flaccid tentacles
A Grellmet
Armour - Arms/Hands Slot:

Provides a greater damage die increase on unarmed attacks. Anyone hit with a slap attack from the MM Gloves has to succeed on a Will Save of wearer's Charisma Modifier+15 or spend 3d6 rounds uncontrollably giggling. Suffering a -6 to everything until they stop giggling. Gloves also cause the user's hands to swell up to 6x the size of a normal persons hands.
Mickey Mouse Gloves Of True Giggling
Armour - Main Body Slot:
Boosts Charisma by +6, gives a +2 bonus to any roll involving a social situation. Make a Charisma roll when first meeting people to make their disposition towards you more friendly. Can reshape itself at will in to other types of clothing required for any situation
Robes of Charismatic Charm
Armour - Legs/Feet Slot:
Can wear Light Armor with no proficiency and spell failure. Also grants character improved Dexterity and 2 extra attacks with Katars per action. Weapon Finesse and Weapon Proficiency(Katar) while worn.
Boots of Sorcerous Freedom

Main Weapon Slot: Enchanted Katar
Enchantment: <BLANK>
Second Weapon/Shield Slot: Cursed Katar
Curse: Always readied. That is, no matter what you are attempting to strike with, this weapon will always appear in your hand just before the blow is dealt. That's right - no matter what you do, this weapon is ALWAYS going to find its way into your hand and be the weapon that deals damage. It teleports without error from across any distance, including plane-hopping. And the curse is not removable without divine intervention.

What items are being carried? (such as accessories or magical items)

Item 1: Ring of At-will wish.
Item 2: Belt of Infinite Forms
Item 3:

Properties: Bracelet gives her a flight speed of 300 (perfect). Can Levitate at will as per the Levitate spell. Can fight in the air without any penalties. Up to 5/DAY she can act under the effect of Greater Haste, Energy Immunity: Air/Sonic and Deflection Bonus of +8. This ability last for 10 minutes and can only be used while in the air. In this form the user grows yellow golden wings that hum in a soft audible tone.
Bracelet of True Flight
Item 4:

At will spray 1 gallon of hot sauce from your eyes. You are immune to hot sauce. You can walk on hot sauce at will. You have 1/day greater creation as long as the only ingredient is hot sauce. You have 3/day shape (hot sauce). Eating hotsauce will heal you one point per gallon of hot sauce. Eating a gallon of hot sauce in combat provokes attacks of opportunity.
Goggles of Hotsauce
Item 5: <BLANK>

I think that covers everything for the basics and anything else can be added later on if needed.

Right then, once all the blanks have been filled the next poster sets the scene for what is currently happening. Then, each post cycles between setting the scene and deciding what our protagonist does.


Poster 1: It's a dark and stormy night as our protagonist is walking along the forest path towards the next village. The forest is deathly silent apart from the menacing howling of the wind blowing through. The trees are swaying in the breeze.
Poster 2: Our protagonist isn't afraid of a little wind so he/she marches forward along the path knowing that their skills could easily ward off anything that may suddenly decide to attack.
Poster 3: A storm sets in and our protagonist is struck by lightning.
Poster 4: Our protagonist using the ring of lightning resistance doesn't feel a thing.

So, basically, it really is the case of making everything up as we go. No posting twice in a row to avoid the person setting the scene/controlling the NPCs/monsters and the person deciding what our protagonist does posting at the same time.

So, let's make our own adventure here where everyone is both the protagonist and the GM.

Also, no going against what is on the character sheet. If the class says Barbarian then casting spells like a wizard is out of the question.

Kerim Nov 13 '12 9:46am

Item 1: Ring of At-will Wish :D

noobiegameplayer Nov 13 '12 2:57pm

Species: Vampire

Kerim Nov 13 '12 3:50pm

Gender: Female.

If allowed: Species before being turned into a vampire: Succubus.

matty Nov 13 '12 4:15pm

An interesting point there.

I'll add a Species before becoming a Vampire line and if you get the chance to fill in the blank then you can choose Succubus.

Otherwise it would be unfair to allow you to have two selections at once.

Flying Dutchman Nov 13 '12 5:09pm

Head Slot: A Grellmet(A helmet made from a dead Grell. It's mostly just flaccid tentacles)

LtLukoziuz Nov 13 '12 5:53pm

I don't know if it's arms/hands or item 2 - pair of enhanted Katars.

matty Nov 13 '12 6:04pm

To clarify, I have made armour and weapon slots now for gear.

One enchanted Katar is fine but if you want to add another you'll have to wait your next turn. I will put the first Katar under main weapon slot.

The items are supposed to be more for non-weapon/non-armour type accessories or magical items.

PolkaBear Nov 13 '12 6:12pm


Orchomenos Nov 13 '12 7:12pm

Age: 314 years. Apparent Age: 16 years.

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