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Lionheart Nov 14 '12 9:39am

Changeling game?
Hi everyone.

I'm looking to get involved in a game of Changeling: The Lost, if anyone else is interested in playing/STing, let me know.


PhoenixStorm Nov 14 '12 7:16pm

Ok I just finished my german exams, which mean I am now free for some RPG. I did ask for a changeling the lost game a few weeks ago but had to withdraw due to said exam.

So here I am posting interest again. That makes two player interested, anyone looking to storytell this game ?

Cheers also :)

TwoPi Nov 14 '12 8:06pm

I would be interested, after my own German exams had a good chunk of stuff about German forklore, the Fae and Changelings would be alot of fun.

AngeloftheOdd Nov 15 '12 3:40am

Love to play if there's someone looking to run!

tuberov Nov 15 '12 8:37am

I would definitely be interested in playing myself. I have yet to participate in a WoD game and would love to get a chance to play in the system.

Lionheart Nov 15 '12 10:33am

Well it's good that we have some interest at least! Hopefully we'll get an ST who's interested. If nobody comes forward in the next few days, I can put something together to run.

Mats Fu Nov 17 '12 9:31am

You can count me as a player as well, if there is still room, and if a ST is found...

Burne Nov 18 '12 3:55am

Would the players be willing to play a pre-made SAS adventure? The Fear-Maker's Promise.

PhoenixStorm Nov 18 '12 3:08pm

I haven't played it yet, so The Fear-Maker's Promise would work for me. :)

TwoPi Nov 18 '12 8:41pm

Same here. Never run it so that would be fine with me

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