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Cinders Nov 14 '12 1:15pm

Sense Link + Dimension Door = Surprise!
I know Dimension Door has the exclusion of action after the "jump".

But... I'm wondering if this would work well, somehow: our party thief, while invisible, sneaks into the enemy lair. I have Sense Link to his sight. He can bypass a lot of the ambush area and sticking points, and get near the BBEG. Now, since I can see the area, I can DD a few other party in. I could possibly DD back out and grab the rest, then bring them in.

He can cast Fog and Darkness. I wonder if there's a viable way to get some of the group into the area and get a foothold. Or maybe just find an empty room and jump into there.

Or I'm just overthinking it, maybe the fun part is battling through the baddies ;)

Lucky number 13 Nov 14 '12 4:33pm

Get a pair of ring gates. give one to the thief, cast reduce person on the party, squeeze through the gates.

Hey Presto: instant infiltration. Gaseous form works as well as Reduce person, but as a 7th level wizard (the minimum possible for DD as far as I can tell) you could simply use reduce person (mass).

Alternatively you can bring yourself and 2 party members along with the dimension door, unless you have a bigger party than 4 that should be within your grasp already.

dystmesis Nov 14 '12 5:12pm

Interesting, a lower level scryport

Cinders Nov 14 '12 10:30pm

Low magic campaign, so won't be finding/buying any cool gear like that.

Wish there was a way to get rid of the "no action" until next round thing with DD.

dystmesis Nov 15 '12 7:11am

In 3.5, monks can act after dimension door via the sun school feat
In pathfinder, anyone can act after dimension door via the dimensional dervish feat chain

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