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Tearen Nov 14 '12 7:50pm

Your Character Sheet
No. No not the character sheet of your favorite character, I mean your character sheet.

Being the diehard tabletop (well...sorta) RPG fans that we are, many people have often wondered what their stats would look like on a character sheet. At least I have.


In the spirit of general curiosity and fun, I decided to make a thread where people can post sheets they've made of themselves. There are not a whole lot of rules here; you can use any system you want, and you don't have to stick to reality that tightly. If you think you can use spells, put it on your sheet, but in the spirit of the thread, don't post your stats as a minmaxed super-optimized Conjurer lvl 35, please.

There are just two things I should mention. First of all, do not put personal information on the sheets you post, for obvious reasons. Having fun coming up with stats is one thing, but actually telling the internet who you are is always a bad idea.

Second, if you think someone's sheet looks completely ridiculous or doesn't follow the exact rules of whatever system they're using, or you think this entire idea in general is silly and stupid (yeah it is, that's the point), then just go away. This isn't here for seriousness, its here for lulz.

Without further ado, here's my sheet.


SethoMarkus Nov 14 '12 9:24pm

Think this topic has already been covered here.

[EDIT: at least for 3.5 D&D]

LtLukoziuz Nov 15 '12 10:07am

WRONG!!! That thread is a test which sometimes gives stupid answers, meanwhile here you can create absolutely any type sheet and you're given free will. I will show what I mean later today, making my own 'personal' sheet.

SethoMarkus Nov 15 '12 5:57pm

Well, the other thread doesn't explicitly say that you need to use the link provided for the test, nor have all the entries been from that test. I was merely attempting to save some trouble later down the line if this thread did in fact turn into a duplicate of the other thread. I understand that the idea is slightly different here, but I felt it would be beneficial to share a link of the other thread.

LtLukoziuz Nov 15 '12 6:15pm
((Check Notes for all home-brewn stuff))

And that's why that thread is completely bad choice for such type of sheets.

Tearen Nov 15 '12 6:52pm

Yeah, you definitely are picking up on the nuance here.

Elodie Hiras Dec 7 '12 4:22pm

Here's my D20 Modern sheet. Weird thing is, I think I'm actually playable!

Kerim Dec 7 '12 9:26pm

Not really. There are gender-specific effects.

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