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Nathan Nov 15 '12 10:53pm

It's Primetime

About This GamePrimetime is a Shadowrun 4th Edition play-by-post game. It is set in the cool spring of Seattle, in the year 2070. The group of runners this game will follow is well past their prime, nearing the ripe age of 90 in some cases. Each of the Runners have kept in touch over the years, but time is catching up to them. This group of Pre-Awakening vets is starting to die out, in fact, one of them already has. A subsidiary of one of the Big Ten is ready to offer what remains of the Runners a second chance at life: Leonization. In exchange, as the Runner's fixer explains, the megacorp wants the Runners to be a cleanup crew. Should they refuse, they'll be... Erased.

A cleanup crew for what though, well, that's for Mr. Johnson to say.

Who I'm Looking ForI'm looking for people who are familiar with the Shadowrun 4th ruleset. I am not looking to baby anyone through the character creation process and would rather have people who know what they're doing. I'm also looking for people who are willing to be serious about this game, while still having fun with it. I want players who get along with others and can adapt their characters to fit the needs of the crew, rather than have their character be completely focused in one specific skillset.

How to ApplyHead on into the game forum. Check out the Characters section of the forum. Use the rules and application format provided to create your character. The best five applications will be selected for the game. Post interest in this thread here and I'll create a private thread for you to use in the forum.

Other InformationI'm ShamedShadow. I've played several PbP games and I've seen more than my fair share of games die out. I'm hoping that this game won't go down the drain, and to help with that I'm going to have a semi-loose posting policy. I'm going to hold myself to at least three posts a week. Hopefully it doesn't degrade to that point, but that's the minimum I'm looking at to hopefully keep this game afloat, especially as we move further into the holiday season.

Havelock Nov 15 '12 10:55pm

Interest and loads of it.

Nathan Nov 15 '12 10:59pm

Alright, your thread is up.

Grim Fandango Nov 15 '12 11:01pm

I'm definitely interested, and know just the character I'd like to play.

Requiem_Jeer Nov 15 '12 11:03pm

Screw it, I'm in.

Nathan Nov 15 '12 11:19pm

Alright, both of your threads are up.

Scarecrow71 Nov 15 '12 11:23pm

My official interest is hereby noted.

wrathgon Nov 15 '12 11:35pm

am am in, its been a while since i played so better dust off the books and have a read before posting any character ideas.

Nathan Nov 15 '12 11:37pm

Y'all's threads are up. :)

Sicarius07 Nov 15 '12 11:47pm

I would love to participate, but as we discussed, I might be a little slow in this week while I recover.

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