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wrlwrlwrl Nov 15 '12 11:12pm

Serial GM seeks Player Status!
Hi Everyone, new to Myth Weavers and looking forward to hopefully get on board a great PBP campaign as a player.

Amongst my friends I always get bullied in to being the GM, and have done so with numerous rulesets including D&D 2/3/3.5, FATE, and a variety of Homebrew. Currently reading as much Pathfinder as possible so that I can be fully prepared for that as well.

Last time I did PBP was 10+ years ago, but I'm confident I can get back in to the swing of things in no time!

Looking forward to some adventures!


Powderhorn Nov 16 '12 12:18am

Welcome, and, if you like 2e, we have quite the extensive grouping of players of the older D&D games, which you can find conveniently linked in my signature!

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