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scahill Nov 16 '12 2:40am

Can you find your way home and defeat the Evil Queen?

Blick Nov 16 '12 2:50am

I want to be a Pixie Ranger....

Grodech Nov 16 '12 2:59am

What exactly are you looking for as far as applications? Completed character sheets? Concepts only? I've a ranger/duskblade (PHB II, p19) in mind, possibly goliath (Races of Stone, p53).

KillerK Nov 16 '12 3:16am

Sounds neat. I'll see what I can come up with. A wizard would definitely be at a loss at the start of this game....would spellbooks be find-able or scavengeable?

DragonMech Nov 16 '12 3:21am

If we were to play a Druid, or Ranger, with an animal companion, would that Animal Companion be teleported with us, or would we need to track one down?

scahill Nov 16 '12 3:40am

@DragonMech: New Animal Companions would need to be obtained.

@KillerK: Okay!

@Grodech: If you're so inclined you may link to or post a full sheet over in the game's application thread. I'd like the concepts first so that I can cut off any "crazy" ideas before you waste your time. A full sheet will be required for acceptance. Your idea is fine.

@Blick: A Pixie with 1 level in Ranger and no Irresistible Dance, I'm okay with that.

SurlySeraph Nov 16 '12 4:12am

I have a couple concepts I'd be interested in playing. Either a CE Barbarian (motivated to fight the queen by hatred of oppression), or an LG Cleric/ Rogue.

Zeich Nov 16 '12 4:21am

How newbie-friendly is this? Been a little bit since the last time I played D&D (3.5e forever though!) and so I'm gonna fumble a bit here and there 'til I get back in the swing of things. I'm simply aiming to do a Rogue character.

silverlock Nov 16 '12 4:29am

I was thinking of playing straight fighter, or a paladin who was a minor noble.

scahill Nov 16 '12 5:20am

@SurlySeraph & silverlock: Haven't heard a concept yet I wouldn't be on board with.

@Zeich: I'd imagine this will be pretty newbie-friendly. The more experienced players might use a few of the more esoteric options in an attempt to compensate for the no equipment starting point but things will be fairly straight forward game play-wise. I'll encourage players that use those option to "show their work" so to speak so we can all marvel at their cleverness. I haven't met a player yet who doesn't appreciate some marveling at their cleverness. :)

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