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Runelancer Nov 16 '12 4:47am

Hello. Recently joined here due to a friend of mine shown me this site. Right now, I'm just using the character sheets features for now.... Although I may join this site's D&D games later on.

amzee89 Nov 18 '12 5:25am


The Void Nov 19 '12 2:39pm

enjoy it!

cmky Nov 21 '12 5:47am

Now you're in trouble.
(Because when The Void speaks, you'd better do what he says.)

mercutio361 Nov 21 '12 6:03am

Welcome! That's how I started out I'm running 2 games and playing in 4 others.... the character sheets are just a gateway drug :^^:

SinGin Nov 21 '12 6:31pm

Ey man, what are you tellin' him? Everyone knows that the dice man, the DICE, are what get you hooked.

On a completely different subject, this site is quite lovely for D&D and almost all other tabletop activities. The community is helpful if approached respectfully and the features are quite well developed, be sure to examine them throughly. And most importantly, Welcome and have fun.

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