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Goran Nov 16 '12 8:25am

holding back drawback
This mirrors Untapped Potential, but it’s pretty much the downside of that feat. Holding Back means you possess a lot more power than you’re letting on, but you won’t use it out of a legitimate fear. Can you shatter buildings with a thoughtless word? Can you tap into an endless pit of darkness to fuel yourself? Can you surrender to an indiscriminate battle-fury that turns you into a lethal tornado of death? You can tap into and wield abilities above and beyond the campaign’s power levels. In fact, the current power levels are holding you back from going full-bore. This is a dangerous ploy, however, and a slip could prove worse than the threat facing you now.
With Holding Back, two conditions must be met before you can access this untapped reserve. Over half the team must be unconscious or dying for you to consider making this sacrifice, or many innocent lives should be at stake (possibly including your own), and you must make a frequency check for the drawback to overcome your own years of self-deprivation training. If both conditions are met, you have access to greater powers for that encounter (during teen hero creation, make two character sheets for the normal hero and the tricked-out, really dangerous hero; this prevents you from slowing the flow of combat).
• Minor (DC 5): +2 power levels or +30 power points to distribute to various traits.
• Moderate (DC 10): +4 power levels or +60 power points to distribute to various traits.
• Major (DC 15): +6 power levels or +90 power points to distribute to various traits.

(im reading this and at the end im questioned about if it does effect your power level and raises it or if it has the possibility of giving you points without effecting your power level like drawbacks and complications?)

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