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Urdomen Nov 18 '12 4:51am

The Forgotten Forge, an Eberron Adventure

We are looking for 3 players. Thanks!

Rock_DS Nov 18 '12 5:00am

*Rubs hands together* Absolutely fantastic =) Eberron is always good for a run.

I believe I was having fun with a Shifter two handed fighter which I never got to give a great run around to. He could work well =D

Urdomen Nov 18 '12 5:06am

Glad to hear it! :D did I forget to mention that Eberron races are preferred? (although I will be playing a human, hypocritical as that is) I love the added flavor. I look forward to your application.

TwoPi Nov 18 '12 5:14am

I love Eberron and would love a chance to run around in the world again. I will see what strikes my fancy and get something built

steampunkadept Nov 18 '12 5:28am

I might take my chance with this one

Urdomen Nov 18 '12 5:36am

@TwoPi and Steampunkadept - I am very excited to see the characters you come up with! :)

steampunkadept Nov 18 '12 6:23am

I might go for a straight up Skill junky, play 10 levels of rogue, and 10 more as an Exemplar

Urdomen Nov 18 '12 6:29am

@SteamPunkAdept - That sounds really cool and would fit this campaign well. I have never seen the Exemplar class before, but a quick look over on D&D Tools is very promising.

steampunkadept Nov 18 '12 6:39am

Exemplar is the ultimate skill junky, a class that can choose several skills to "Master" and then be able to "take 10" at any time regardless of the situation.

I'm playing a variation of a skill monkey exemplar in another game, where the character is an espionage specialist who can take ten on skills such as hide (with a +71 modifier), Move silently (with a +54 modifier), and Search, Disable Device, and Open Lock (all at a +29-31 modifier). That's an epic level game though, just so you know.

Epicosity Nov 18 '12 6:42am

Kalahstar Psionic Warrior okay? I know it's probably not the most IDEAL combat role.... But I do so love the theme of its powers.

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