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arholly Oct 17 '08 5:54pm

Mantle of Roche
What is it? One of the NPC's has (had, he's dead) it, but no mention of what it is. Seems odd to have a named item, but no other description of it. Corfin was the one who had the item.

Farland Oct 17 '08 8:13pm


Originally Posted by arholly (Post 1378266)
What is it? One of the NPC's has (had, he's dead) it, but no mention of what it is. Seems odd to have a named item, but no other description of it. Corfin was the one who had the item.

Good point. I think I intended to include it in a future update.

I like the work you're doing so far.

arholly Oct 17 '08 9:11pm

Merci. I'm decent at Q&A. Hope you don't think I'm being picky. I love the material!

Farland Oct 17 '08 9:20pm


Originally Posted by arholly (Post 1378676)
Hope you don't think I'm being picky.

Not at all. We could have used you when these things were being discussed pre-publication, and we'll certainly use you for future vetting.


I love the material!
Thank you.

Squeak Oct 17 '08 9:24pm

Is the Mantle of Roche something we need to work up? ARHolly -- any interest? Farland - any input on it?

arholly Oct 17 '08 9:26pm

Sure, if I know what it is, I could work it up.

Farland Oct 17 '08 9:30pm

Roche was an Orlandish swashbuckler and rogue who turned assassin in order to kill the King of Daven when Orland was at war with Daven in 6903 F.R.

So the Mantle would have been a cloak suitable for a master thief. It isn't artifact level power, but it would have been a decent magical item.

Squeak Oct 17 '08 9:35pm

Give the upcoming conversion, should we be building magic items in both 3.5 and 4.0 as we move forward? I do understand we would only post 3.5 for right now, but it might be a good idea to get ahead of things.

Farland Oct 17 '08 9:38pm

Yes, I think we should do that. And as far as the conversion goes, I think that we will be safe in terms of copyright if we produce our own content and don't reproduce any flavor text from the books. Rules are not copyrightable, so we should be good to go.

I am going to do a site redesign for the 4E roll-out, so we can start making up 4E content any time.

Don't worry, I'll still keep the 3.5 site up.

arholly Oct 17 '08 9:43pm

Mantle of Roche: This deep navy, almost black in colored cloak is fashioned from some very smooth cloth, but is also very sturdy. Roche often traveled into places where he needed to conceal his trade goods as it were, and this cloak helped him. When it is wrapped around an item, on command it will cause the item it is wrapped around to disappear. The item can be weigh no more than 50 pounds, and must be no larger than a backpack. While stored in the cloak, the item has no weight. With a command word, the item can reappear. The item is held in stasis. If the wearer begins to fall more than 5 feet, the cloak begins to silently flutter, acting just like a feather fall spell. In addition, this cloak bestows the wearer a +4 competence bonus on Hide checks.
Moderate Transmutation and Faint Illusion;CL 9th; Craft Wonderous Item, shrink item, invisibility, feather fall

I was thinking that if I were a master thief, what would I like. It's probably a custom-created cloak if it has his name. So, if I'm going to be a professional assassin, I want to hide my goods. But a glove of storing is too small. So, why not wrap my backpack or sack in the cloak and poof! Also, I could help evade capture by jumping or diving off of walls. Then there is the almost obligatory bonus to hiding.

If you don't like it, I can come up with something else.

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