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Leonidas1789 Oct 18 '08 10:22am

General OOC
As per the title, to discuss pretty much anything.

Quick idea: what if we bought some of the 'wares' sold by the merchants in this village?

Should we meet soldiers, we could then explain our presence on the roads by telling them we are heading to the newly occupied territories to assess the demand for certain Astan goods... (show samples).


And if someone has ideas regarding what we could do in this village, do not hesitate to share here.

Mordae Oct 18 '08 2:46pm

Good idea to have this thread. In general, though, I'd like things that could be said in-character to be so; it encourages everyone to think like their characters and not munchkinize every situation :twitch:

Leonidas1789 Oct 18 '08 8:24pm

You're 100% right. Getting as close as we can to total immersion makes for a greater game, and it's something you can do with play-by-post - yet it's not always easy with the traditional game where you can't very well stop your players from talking/strategizing...

Guys, we all depend on everyone reading every in-game post extremely carefully.

bucheonman Oct 19 '08 6:32am

Yeah. Another game I am in forbids this out-of-game strategizing. However, there is no way for a DM to police PMs.

I want to let the story play itself out. For example, if the DM plans to have the guards stop us and ask us what we're doing, I want that to happen. It's part of the game.

Leonidas1789 Oct 22 '08 11:54am

Just a thought: given the world we are playing in, I believe skills such as forgery and disguise could be extremely useful in the future. With forgery, for example, we could create a false patent to pose as tax collectors... Now that would be useful.

Does anyone have points in forgery already?

Nilah Oct 23 '08 7:11am

Sorry, no. Not class skills...

Leonidas1789 Oct 26 '08 11:45am

If we set up camp, we'll need to set watches:

Here's my suggestion:

1st watch: Karn, Sikhandyn
2nd watch: Wyngrad, Astaban
3rd watch: Annette, Sofia

Each watch to last 4 hours, and if you are together with someone on a watch, you also share the same tent.

Please share your thoughts. I am assuming Astaban is not a spellcaster.

Gauss Oct 26 '08 7:05pm

Astaban would have no problem with this, but let's make sure that this gets discussed IC.

Leonidas1789 Oct 26 '08 10:27pm

Okay, so this is a good case study.

Mordae, what is your feeling about this; is it fair to assume that such a discussion would occur in an "informal" way over dinner or as the camp is set up, or should we discuss it IC? If you have a preference, please tell us. Cheers.

Mordae Oct 26 '08 11:26pm

In general, everything should be IC. For simple things (such as the watch rotation), I would expect the leader (Sikhandyn) to propose the plan and, if I don't hear any objections within a day, it will be so.

There has to be some sort of balance between keeping things moving and metagaming; this is where I'd like to draw the line :)

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