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Isannah Mar 4 '09 5:42am

Meet the Characters
In this thread, please post a picture and the background story for your character. Secret information should go in private text.

Liantefaron Mar 5 '09 1:44pm

Jacob "Jake" Foster
Size/Weight: 5'2"/110lbs (160cm/55kg)
true age 13, birthday somewhen in autumn
12, born on July 25 [St.Jacob's day]
Looks: Short brown hair, brown eyes with a sprinkle of grey. Seems to be quite strong for his age and has (astonishingly) healthy white teeth, no signs of
broken voice or pimples
puberty (yet), he has a clear, high voice. As a street dweller, he is wearing patched clothing and smells of filth - how quickly this will change on board, we will see.
He has the proud stance of those who have nothing to lose and everything to win and the habit of staring at everyone as if he would like to challenge the whole world to a duel.
Jake can be considered a bit too much on the self-esteem side of life, up to the point of overconfidence at times. He is, at the least, fond of risks when he knows people are around and he thinks he can look flashy. If he's that helpful when the task is boring or no spectators are around is an open question.
It has shown by now that he indeed aspires to become the inofficial leader of the little gang of ship's boys. The grown-ups have split up the boys, though, and his former rival Korey Mattione and the source of a lot of eye-rolling, "preacher boy" Nathaniel, are gone. The continuing presence of midshipman Harold Jacobson (or officers in general) further complicates his quest for domination.

Abilities and Debilities:
Jake seems to be a good climber and has, apparently, some knowledge of street fights. Also, he is a show-off at times.


Other Info:

Public GURPS sheet of Young Jake, three years before campaign start and 100CP lighter (a typical 25CP "Average Joe", as the Basic Set suggests). Since we switched over to 7th Sea, you could only guess what he's like now.

Mordae Mar 24 '09 1:49pm

Jules Verron
Age: 13
Date of Birth: February 26
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120#

Appearance: Jules stands just under five-and-a-half feet in height, with sandy hair, warm brown eyes, and a freckled complexion made somewhat ruddy by the heat of the baking ovens. His frame is thin and wiry, reflecting years of hard work along with slight malnourishment befitting his status as the youngest child in the family. His best assets are his winning smile and silvery tongue, both of which have served him well in the business.

Jules is a scrawny lad of thirteen, the youngest son of a baker and birthed in Harrow-on-the-hill on a frosty morning in late February. His mother Gerty, a round-bottomed lady much beloved in the community for her work in the church and her advocacy for the poor, doted much on her older boys and girls but didn't spare much time for the rascally Jules; thus, the lad often found himself in the company of his burly father, Thom, in the bake house. From the tender age of seven, Jules learned to wake hours before dawn, work the flour, sponge, water, and salt to make dough, shape a dozen kinds of loaves, and have them all baked and beautiful by sunrise to greet the morning's first customers. Jules was skilled enough at the trade that the reputation of the bakery grew, and some wealthy customers from miles away would send for their breads; while good for business, it meant Jules had to rise even earlier to ensure that the loaves were ready when the coach of the Baron of Watford or the carriage of the Countess of Fulham arrived an hour before the first rays of the sun.

Having become enamoured of the daughter of Lady Fulham, Jules left home to pursue his love only to realize he had no means by which to win her. He has sought out employment in the Navy in the hopes of rising through the ranks to a status befitting his lady's attentions.

Behaviour: Jules is genial and outgoing, a natural salesman whose skills were honed by four years at the helm of his father's bakery. While no scholar, he grasps the basics of mathematics (particularly as it applies to money) and can read a few words and phrases (as they apply to baking specifically and cooking in general). He has a quick wit and quicker feet, which complement each other nicely in evading both his elder brothers and the thugs of central London. He has a habit of being a bit obsessive, which is a virtue when his heart is in the right place and a vice when he is bent on mischief.

hecklenjyde Jul 13 '09 1:27pm

Art Toohey
Art Toohey
Age 12 (or thereabouts - has yet to reach growth spurt/show signs of puberty)
Birth Date Unknown, considered to be born August
Height 4'8"
Weight 92lb

Appearance Scrawny lad with something fierce about him, has big hazel brown eyes, darkly-ringed and bloodshot and dirty blonde hair, literally and in the description of its hue. Wears a grubby linen shirt, black woolen breeches cinched at the waist with rope and a battered brown coat that must have once belonged to a much larger (and full-grown) man. Also wears worn leather shoes, slightly too big for him, grey stockings, almost as dark as his trousers and a shapeless felt hat. He is not tall but there is something about his build that suggests he may grow into his jacket, and is not a day over thirteen, if that, though his voice is gruff from smoking. He carries a sack over his left shoulder, most likely containing his belongings (or someone elses) and can often be found smoking the dog-end of a cheroot. When not manipulating a cigar, the thumb of his free hand is usually tucked into his makeshift belt.

Behaviour Art is often stolid and does not complain (much), for he is determined to brazen out his past misfortunes. He imagines that, one day, he will cut as as fine a figure as those in the Navy, which he sees, in some ways, as a place of sanctuary, though he would insist that all he needs to get by are his clever hands and feet. He is only a boy however, not even at the crux of manhood and can be swayed easily by others' passions as well as his own. Sometimes he will change from being outspoken and rash to cautious and secretive and back again, almost within the same breath, for he is not used to trusting others and tends to see those who do so as tempting fate and ill-will.

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