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Ack May 10 '09 7:30am

Lost a ThreadGroup
In my Interesting Times game (GURPS), the "Game Threads" group has disappeared, dumping all its contents into the main folder. I created a new one, but I can't move anything into it. Help?

Sithobi1 May 10 '09 9:20am

I had no problems moving threads into said threadgroup.

Plugsy May 10 '09 11:51am

I see a threadgroup with 8 or 9 members and none of them are visible in the main group.

If the problem is still being exhibited can we get some screenshots.

Ack May 10 '09 12:00pm

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Okay, I can't seem to move anything across into the Game Threads group. When I try to do so, this is the window I end up at.

There is no option to send the threads to a particular threadgroup.

Sithobi1 May 10 '09 12:02pm

You don't want to use Move Thread. You want to use the dropdown in the bottom left corner of the main forum screen, after checking the threads you want to use.

Ack May 10 '09 12:04pm

bottom left?

Sithobi1 May 10 '09 12:08pm

Er...right. Where it says "add to folder".

Ack May 10 '09 12:11pm

Yes - that is what I have been trying to use.

Ack May 10 '09 12:17pm

Okay, found what I was doing wrong. Apparently, to move a thread you don't use Move Thread, you use Add a Thread to Folder and neglect to copy it.

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