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Ragnarokum Jun 25 '09 10:00pm

Where are you from?
Well, this thread is just for seeing, where are you guys from?

From what I've read, you all seem USA, but there must be some other country, right? I'm Argentinian, anyway
Well, let's hope somebody answers the thread xD


ultima22689 Jun 25 '09 10:05pm

There are plenty of other folks from around the world around here somewhere but yeah, i'm from the states but the states is a big place so I would like to say i'm from Chicago the windy city.

Colin Jun 25 '09 10:49pm

From Plymouth, MI, but I'm currently deployed overseas in Bahrain. And Ultima, nice city until winter hits. ;)

ultima22689 Jun 25 '09 10:54pm


Originally Posted by Colin (Post 2112393)
From Plymouth, MI, but I'm currently deployed overseas in Bahrain. And Ultima, nice city until winter hits. ;)

lol, yeah, that wind chill factor is outright nasty but if you keep yourself well guarded from the wind it ain't too bad.

Ragnarokum Jun 25 '09 11:18pm

why, how cold can it get there? we're having -4 Celsius, and I'm really freezing...

Squeak Jun 25 '09 11:23pm

The Republic of Texas.

And it's
about 41C
105F here right now. It is, however, a dry heat, so it only feels like 102F.

And Colin -- props for a member of the US armed services. Keep up the good work of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of those who threaten it!

ultima22689 Jun 25 '09 11:24pm

lol, the coldest it has ever been when I was still there was in like 98 I think, I was going to grade school and they said on the news that it was -21 outside but the wind chill factor made it fill like -58 so I walked outside and turned right back around and told my Dad I wasn't going to class and that if he really felt the need he could spank me. So he yelled and crap and put me on punishment and got ready for work, he then walked outside and walked back inside and said I wasn't on punishment anymore. XD

Roi Jun 26 '09 2:38am

Go Emerald City!

73F here...And I think 85 is hot....I'd hate to be in Texas...

Knight of Holy Wor Jun 26 '09 6:27am

I'm from Canada, specifically the province of Quebec

GothamLord Jun 26 '09 7:38am

Just outside of Charm City. Baltimore, MD, USA
67F here and partly cloudy.

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