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RodlenJack Jul 6 '09 12:57am

Most Broken Character Ideas
Sometimes, you just come up with an overpowered idea for a character.

I've got one for Shadowrun. An augmented strength 15 troll, wielding a rating 15 bow. 17P damage per attack. That's more than an assault cannon.

Raveled Jul 6 '09 1:02am

Mando rifle-specialist in a Star Wars game. 5d12 per attack. For comparison, a lightsaber does 2d8 or 3d8.

Viletta Vadim Jul 6 '09 1:07am

Titan-blooded halfling Wu Jen/Eldritch Knight. Start as a small creature wielding a gargantuan warhammer. End up as a colossal creature with a warhammer four size categories above colossal, dealing 36d6 damage a blow.

Chaos Emerald Jul 6 '09 1:08am

any outsider from dnd 3.5 (tiefling or aesimar) + alter self and polymorph to transform into other outsiders and with polymorph you don't need to be familiar with what you want to transform into...just a classic horrible combo. I had one a tiefling sorcerer doing that all day...that wasn't right.

Nocturnal Jul 6 '09 10:10am


Squeak Jul 6 '09 10:53pm

Alternity -- mutant human, maxed out dex and hyper dexterity. Fought with stutter guns.

Had a severe case of ADHD, to say the least.

Tedronai Jul 7 '09 2:25am

A core-only Wizard. (or cleric, or druid)

AbsentWizard Jul 7 '09 4:09pm

Any Nobilis.

Cruxador Jul 7 '09 10:44pm

Any Exalt.

ninjaguineapig Jul 8 '09 6:14am

any ninjaguineapig

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