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Dastir Jul 13 '09 5:41pm

Humorous Ad Placement
Made me laugh... read the post then check out the ad right below it...

snakeman830 Jul 13 '09 5:49pm

Okay, that is awesome.

I give you a coookie for finding that bit of win.

Dastir Jul 13 '09 5:53pm

Ooooh! Me like cookies! Nom Nom Nom Nom


Undead Pillager Jul 13 '09 6:00pm

Hahahahhaah! Awesome!

TheRiov Jul 13 '09 6:50pm

whats shocking is we don't see more of this. Google Ads reads the text of the post and trys to keep the ads topical.

Example-- you've mentioned Cookies serveral times in the post so I sese a web-traffic ad.

Shannon Jul 13 '09 9:21pm

rofl. I was hoping for a Nestle Tollhouse ad...

Lucheiah Jul 14 '09 10:14am

Unfortunately the only ad I ever see is the ad...

P4yne Jul 14 '09 11:09am

wow!! good catch!! ;)

Lucheiah Jul 14 '09 11:54am

Haha, nah, I found the love of my life without using a dating site :)

Mindblow Jul 14 '09 12:01pm

Hahahahhahahahahahaha! Oh, friggin wow man well done.

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