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sumosushisan Aug 26 '09 12:39am

D&D story tales
This is were we can think of what would happen if story tales happend in the D&D world Or just any good stories worth telling

Like little red Riding hood what would happen if the wolf was a werewolf and the hunter actually a barbarian?

Ithamar Aug 26 '09 1:26am

What feats does the barbarian have? Is the werewolf just straight from the MM / SRD?

Wippit Guud Aug 26 '09 1:30am

Wouldn't the hunter be a ranger?
Favored enemy: Lycanthrope

Viletta Vadim Aug 26 '09 1:31am

The barbarian would kill the werewolf and take its stuff, of course.

P4yne Aug 26 '09 1:37am

If the hunter was a barbarian, he would get there and make a new decoration on the old lady's house called Gore.
If the hunter was a ranger, he probably just one-shot the wolf with an arrow to the head and disappeared in the woods with no one ever knowing it was him...

Wippit Guud Aug 26 '09 2:03am

Course, Red Riding Hood will get killed by Grandma at the next full moon...

Basil_Bottletop Aug 26 '09 2:11am

Of course she would, what the challenge?

Grandma is not only were-touched, she's a secret Priestess of Lloth. Little red-lvl1commoner stands no chance.

Silverkiss Aug 26 '09 2:29am

You're all wrong. Little Reddy Hood is actually a very powerful sorceress descended from a Red Dragon, who would unleash her powers at the right time an save herself, slaughtering both the evil werewolf and the evil granny. And the barbarian hunger, just for kicks. Did I say the Red Dragon was chaotic evil?

Wippit Guud Aug 26 '09 2:39am

Little Red Wizard of Thay?

Basil_Bottletop Aug 26 '09 2:41am


Originally Posted by Wippit Guud (Post 2338605)
Little Red Wizard of Thay?

You win.

Now play with this little ditty for my entertainment, monkey!!

Jack and Jill went up the hill...

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