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Mordae Sep 2 '09 2:28am

Challenge Winners
Herein we present, in honored glory, the winners of the various and sundry challenges put forth by the MW GM Workshop.

Mordae Sep 2 '09 2:32am

August 2009: Trapped Room! (D&D 3.5e)

Winner: SValimont, for a well-structured combination of magical and physical traps with light thematic combat
Honorable Mention: Roi, for a clever clue-laden poem that was ultimately discarded in favor of a more straightforward summoning trap.

Mordae Oct 2 '09 5:26pm

September 2009: Evil Henchman

Winner: RelentlessImp, for a clever second-in-command with a solid cover story and several intriguing options for interaction, conflict, and resolution.

Honorable Mention: Darkxarth, whose fiery henchman was well described and neatly integrated into a plot chain.

Mordae Nov 3 '09 8:02pm

October 2009: Create-a-town

Winner: Darkxarth, for a neatly integrated adventure town with lots of intrigue for the players to discover.

Honorable Mention: SValimont, for excellent detailed descriptions of the town's shops and industries.

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