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LordofProcrastination Oct 3 '06 5:00pm

Creative Resources (Mapmaking, etc)
This thread is a compilation of creative resources for your use as artists and gamers. Right now, the list is primarily related to map-making, but feel free to suggest new sites, databases, programs, and so forth for any faintly-gaming-related art. This post will be routinely updated to include the latest suggestions for ease of reference.

Maps & Mapmaking

Mapmaking Programs
  • MapTool - A free mapping program with a variety of nifty perks.
  • AutoRealm - Free and easy to use.
  • Wesnoth - The download 'Battle for Wesnoth' comes with a map editing tool you can then upload and render here
  • Example:

    1 . . . .
    2 . G . .
    3 . . . .
    4 . . . T
    x A B C D

    G: Gnoll (B2)
    T: Tesha (D4)
    The [code] tags! - Possibly one of the strongest maptool you can ever imagine. Players can even post and paste an edited map!

Fantasy Maps
Historical Maps
Mapmakers (ie commission artists)

nautilus_project Jul 5 '10 11:21am

I'm thinking ditzie should definitely be added to this list...

Nikolai Jul 13 '10 5:28pm

True North is 404 not found.

Mordae Jul 14 '10 12:48am

If you'll note the date on the OP, it's several years old now. I moved this here for the purpose of exporting the data to the wiki.

Irving Jan 5 '11 7:34pm

I've found GIMP 2 to be an extremely potent tool for mapmaking - especially when I want a map to have an artistic touch.

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