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Cyco Sep 15 '09 8:25am

Living Forgotten Realms - The Sea of Fallen Stars

The Black Knight of Arabel

Your party is sent to investigate allegations of Netherese activity near Arabel: a dark rider commanding legions of shadow.

Can you turn back the tide before
it’s too late?

I bring you another Living Forgotten Realms adventure/campaign.

I’m going to start with 'CORM1-1 - The Black Knight of Arabel' and, if things progress well, continue with other modules set in and around the Sea of Fallen Stars.

See the Game Description for application process and requirements and feel free to ask any questions you may have in this thread or via pm.

I’ll start this after the delve I am currently running is finished. The party has just started their last encounter and it’s a hard one (I hope). So I expect that to take a couple of weeks or so. I’ll post a closing date at least three days before I choose the final makeup of the party. I may choose a few characters early which will allow others a chance to adjust their characters to suit the party.

Finally I would like to thank Geekahedron and Deran for starting this and getting me interested in LFR.

“Fortune Find You”
Lammath drios

tsuyoshikentsu Sep 15 '09 8:37am

This might be a rather big favor, but would you hold off at least one slot until this month's compiled Dragon is released? I'd love to play an Assassin, and it won't be legal for LFR until then.

Cyco Sep 15 '09 8:45am

I don't expect to have a full party selected till the end of the month so feel free to submit an Assassin application. As long as the game doesn't start till after the 28th and the class isn't published with a 'no rpga' note I don't see any problems.

longtimeteenager Sep 15 '09 9:34am

I've got a female human wizard ready to play. I'll post late tomorrow morning, my time. I'm going to bed now.

Elizabeth W.

makahl Sep 15 '09 10:25am

Name: Krandarra kemalinda
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: ranger (two-weapon)
Region: the Dalelands
DCI#: 2212-449-037

working on it

One Man Horde Sep 15 '09 12:18pm

ooc: wish i was an rpga member, this looks fun =(

Cyco Sep 15 '09 12:35pm

It's easy enough to join online. It's what I did to apply for Geekahedron's adventure.

Hope he doesn't mind but the following are the instructions he posted in his game description.

Nasdaq Sep 15 '09 4:20pm

Second link failed, but if it gets fixed, I'll hop in and post up a concept.

Cyco Sep 15 '09 4:27pm

Sorry about that.. Seems I dropped the middle of the url when I copied it across. Fixed now.

Letho Sep 15 '09 6:19pm

Depending on the result of a few applications, I might have a concept for you :). Question though: Why the RPGA requirement? Pardon my ignorance of the subject.

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