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Mordae Nov 19 '09 2:50pm

General OOC
For the chatty side of the game.

We've got six complete characters. Disaster, Karrth, Sorak, and Shadowpants are the incompletes at this point. I plan to start over the weekend, so hopefully they can get finished over the next couple of days. Fortunately, in this sort of game I think we could reasonably start without them and then they could join the cast out of the faceless masses of the surviving crew as we go along.

If you have ideas as to where on the ship your character might have been during the battle and escape, feel free to discuss it here. Being on the bridge or in the engineering control room would be bad choices since you wouldn't have survived, but you might have been near them and escaped (relatively) unharmed before access was sealed.

Witchwolf Nov 19 '09 3:09pm

Tag, not it!

Anyway Evie, Dr Archer to you :p, would have either been in her quarters or in a training room somewhere....or in a corridor on route to either, she'd have no cause to be near either bridge or engineering, me thinks.

So whose getting the first round of drinks in? :^^:

roadford01 Nov 19 '09 3:25pm

Is it too late to add Zero-G training and Hazardus envirment training to my PC? There just going to be at the trained level.

As for the Captain, he would be using his basic first aid (wish I would have thought of that earlier also), to help the injuried, and get them moved to a safer location.

Mordae Nov 19 '09 3:28pm

Yes, you can add those things. :)

Anyone aware of Daedalus-class ship deck plans that they could point me to (legally)? Otherwise, I'll have to make something up.

AsaTJ Nov 19 '09 4:04pm

This is the closest thing I could find:

Meat Shield Nov 19 '09 4:06pm

I would say that Klaus was in a passageway outside engineering when the poop hit the fan I guess, on his way when the alarm went off but not there when everything went kablooie.

AmyRose Nov 19 '09 4:40pm

I will check later on today but there might be one made for the sg role playing game on a resource site (legal). I will check....cause I know they had plans for a f302, goa'uld cargo ship, and 2 floors of the sgc....

Anyway, Amy would have been on her way to the Medical Bay. Then once the attack started she would have helped those injured along the way till someone found her and then told her what to do.

AsaTJ Nov 19 '09 6:27pm

I think Travis was probably going over an inventory checklist in the small arms locker when the attack occurred.

Meat Shield Nov 20 '09 3:02am

Assuming crew quarters are somewhere under the "shield generators" text, I would be somewhere between there and engineering. How big is a Daedalus class ship anyway?

The Bushranger Nov 20 '09 4:03am

Eileen, I'd say, was probably on her way to the bridge at the time things went pear (toilet bowl?) shaped...

The size of the '304 class (is it BC- or DSC-, anyway?) seems to be a subject of some dispute; a quick Google has, on the same results page, 335, 450 or 700 meters!

Given that one is supposed to fit neatly inside the "hole" in a 11.5-km Wraith Hiveship, that might give some clues...

Also, not that it matters, but looking at that drawing, there should be additional Asgard beam weapons under the "wings" for the 302 bays - if the shots in "Enemy at the Gate" were right about where those beams were coming from...the location in the diagram works for the shots in "Be All My Sins Rember'd", though. [/Geek]

Questions: is Hammond fitted with the 'bomb bay' a la Apollo? Do we have Horizon? Is it salvagable? :grin:

...more seriously, will we be able to 'keep' any of the '302s?

And we need a ship/team motto. I propose the following:
(with props to Meat Shield for giving me the idea ;))

"To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where plenty of snakes have gone before - and kill them."

...of course, that might better fit the USS Jack O'Neill. :D

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