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Sillaric May 24 '10 1:48am

The last Wards of Douven Stahl

Sylas May 24 '10 3:25am

I'm highly interested in this, how many players you expect to have in the end?

Character Name: Dak
Gender/Race: Male Githzerai
Class/Build: Psion Telepathic Focus

Physical/Personality Description: Dak is an 18 year old greenish skinned Githzerai, with a series of tattoos that cover his arms and legs, forming a not too bad-looking illustration. He has a very angular face, more so than even most Razorclaws. His preferred weapon is his mind, using a fancy orb as a focus for his powers. Sometimes he reads peoples minds for fun, sometimes causing havoc. He dresses very conservatively, preferring movement over protection usually never even wearing footwear unless absolutely necessary. He always stands out when forced to wear fancy garb, it is obvious he is neither used to them, nor likes them.

Background: when he was young only about 4 years old, his father and mother were banished for some ludicrous crime, and he was banished with them. He was found by a forester crying over two corpses, almost impossible to tell they were even humanoid in life. The man that found him took him in, his own family had been slain nearly a year ago in a bugbear raid. Over the next few years he tried teaching the boy his craft, but Dak's real interest was in adventuring; his idol was a human by the name of Douven Stahl, an adventurer with great renown. When the boy's 14th birthday came and went the man finally decided to ask him who the two corpses were, and what had happened to them. At first, Dak didn't know what he meant, but then his memories came back in a flash, causing him to have a panic attack and nearly destroying the man's frail mind. When he finally was brought back to consciousness by the towns healer, he was told by the other villagers that Dak was gone and left behind a note that was written in complete gibberish, not even a real language.
Soon after Dak ran away he found out that was actually teaching young adventurers, and that he was admitting the final students he would ever teach. He was overjoyed, and fearful at the same time, hoping he might be one of those few, but anxious that he might be turned away by his idol...

Statblock's up

If I should change it, I'm ok with that; its spur of the moment :)

thatdamncoyote May 24 '10 4:24am

Character Name: Abraxes
Gender/Race: Male Gnoll
Class build:
Probably Prescient. Depends on the rest of the party, I reckon.

Isolated from the bloodthirsty savagery of his people has done a world of good for the young gnoll. His fur is shadowy, with blotches of tan. With his free time and money he has started to dye patterns into his arms and shoulders much like the furless would ornament themselves with tattoos. Despite his ferocious countenance, that baleful predatorialism doesn't extend to his amber colored eyes, which seem gentle and endless. He prefers natural clothing, though the more exotic the better. If an animal can be killed and turned into something tight fitting that shows off his arms, he'll wear it. In the field, he prefers a chainmail shirt, and has taken to the gold standard of human weaponry: the longsword.

Orphaned by a thinning between reality and the feywild, which dragged his rather spartan warcamp into an inhospitable winter realm at the age of 4. As the heir to the tribe cheiftain, he didn't understand that the rest of his pack slowly starved as food and hunting became scarce, and Eladrin incursions started thinning out the providers. His belly wasn't full, but he didn't suffer like the others. When the fey war party came to clear out the camp once and for all, they found the young gnoll hidden under a deer hide, using the infamous gnoll vocal mimicry to emit the noises of an dire ostrich to try and scare them off.

Amused by this, the boy was taken to the Winter Court as a living piece of art, to show off his unusual gift for mimicing sounds he has heard. Though not really treated as a person, the timeless Eladrin take care of their possessions, and made sure he received proper food and exercise. The only -care- he received was the bemused detached applause of the people he entertained, something he grew to cherish. He became substantially -less- whimsical to have around as he approached puberty, and was soon abandoned in the fringes of Nintir Vale, a place far from his tribe's ancestral pridelands.

He became slightly despondant at being removed from the flawless natural beauty on the other side of the mirror, the only home he could remember anymore. The world seemed greyer, the air staler, the food blander. The otherside felt like home... the prime material plane seemed like a hateful punishment for a crime he didn't comprehend. A trading caravan found the boy during one of his many near-suicidal attempts to breach the feywild again, and dropped him off with the only person capable of handling such an unusual orphan: Douven Stahl. With an actual role model and receiving actual care, he slowly found a renewed zeal for his life. Even though the material plane was banal, it was up to people like him to make the world shine for good decent people. The world would be his masterpiece.

Sillaric May 24 '10 4:43am

Great start. I'll be stopping at 5 Sylas. Great way to work a gnoll into a bard Coyote, I like it!

thatdamncoyote May 24 '10 4:57am

I'm glad you like it. It's suboptimal-tastic!

Do you want a statblock right away, or is it okay to wait to see if I get accepted?

Sillaric May 24 '10 5:08am

The app is perfectly fine, statblocks are completely optional.

suyh82 May 24 '10 8:02am

Character Name: Sever
Gender/Race: Revenant Githzerai
Class/Build: Assassin

Physical/Personality Description: Sever unlike most revenants, does not seemed detached and distanced. That being said he is not overtly friendly either. He generally will keep to himself in unfamiliar surroundings but will make the attempt to be socialble if among trusted companions.He is unsure of why The Raven Queen has returned him to service, and thus he pursues any news of opposition or perversion of Death's ideals relentlessly, hoping that each one takes him a step closer to returning to death's eternal slumber.

Sever stands slightly below six feet tall. He bears the ashen skin of all revenants and his eyes are black with pintpoints of red in the middle. When angered or in the heat of battle the red begins to radiate out to the other parts of his eyes and they begin to glow with an eerie red colour. Sever wears a simple black tunic and pants with white and grey trim. He dons a cloak as well, black on the outside and charcoal grey on the inside. A simple motif of feathers, trim the cloak. A pair of black gloves round out the outfit.

Background: You know. glimpses are all you see. Glimpses of a smile, or a tear or a well manicured hand. Perhaps a fleeting memory. The laughter that accompanies the smile, the twinge of regreat that accompanies the tear, the touch of that well manicured hand. At times not so pleasant. The smile turned frown, the tear turned into screams, that well manicured hand turned lifeless, stained with blood.

These are but fleeting glimpses into a life long past. The Raven Queen has brought me back to serve, and serve her I shall. Till the day when, I have completed all the tasks she lays before me and I can sleep in death's embrace once more.

Ventnor May 24 '10 9:04am

Sounds interesting. And seeing as you need a defender, and I've been itching to try out a Weapon Master fighter...

Character Name: Samuel Stahl
Gender/Race: Human Male
Class/Build: One-Handed Talent Fighter

horngeek May 24 '10 11:06am

Oooh. Count me as interested, definitely. Probably a human Paladin.

Actually, after thinking, I'm going for an Elfin Ranger.

lbshaggy17 May 24 '10 12:41pm

Character Name: Froth Strongheart
Gender/Race: Male/Minotaur
Class/Build: Shaman

Physical/Personality Description: Froth is a very determined and guided spirit. He is different from others in his clan in that he finds the need to help the group and not seek individual gain weather in status, wealth, or power. He seeks to better the world around him and help to inegrate his species with the surrounding settlements.

He stands a beastly 7'2" and has one black horn. This black horn is the signature trait of his family from his father's side. He has a dark brown and black pelt that covers his body that accents the brown and black horns.

Background: Froth was born as the calf of the great shaman Blackhorn Strongheart. Knowledge of the birth came to Blackhorn through his spirit bear when the cub for the spirit bear was born in the foriegn plane. This spirit, a large brown bear named Boulder, was instanlty linked to the spirit that would eventually form in to Froth. Froth learned much about the tribal life from his father. the rituals that they perform and how to call upon his friend Boulder when in need of the companionship weather in battle.

Froth is now to the stage in his life where he must prove himself and is ready to start his quest to do so. Blackhorn sent Froth out younger than most to start this quest and Froth came upon Douven. At there intial encounter Douven noticed a difference in Froth than he had seen in many minotaurs he had encoutered before. He has taken Froth under his tutelage for the past few years and guided this internal light. There is one concern that Froth has kept inside. His view of the world, as well as Boulder, differ from those of their patriarchs. Froth has always wondered if the fact that his single blackhorn is opposite of the one his father has while Boulder has the same with his one front paw.

Froth Strongheart

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