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Forum: Archive Jul 20 '13, 6:02am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 8 (JUL 20 2013)

A violent battle ensues! The stalwart team attacks the evil skeleton dude! Skeleton dude gets a good hit on Brok, who loses a level?!? (Negative level lasts 24 hours - can be removed with a spell. If...
Forum: Archive Jun 22 '13, 6:46am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 7 (JUN 22 2013)

As we rejoin our heroes, we find them in the dark depths of the Goblin, chasing a rogue bad guy who gets a shot off on us every time we turn a corner.

Mathilda, down on hit points, drinks a...
Forum: Archive Apr 7 '13, 6:13am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 6 (2013 APR 06)

Mathilda recovers her frying pan. The group loots the bodies in the Goblin:

X5 Leather armor
X5 rapier
X5 shortbow
X5 quiver w 20 arrows each
X5 dagger
37 gold
X4 short sword
X4 studded...
Forum: Archive Feb 24 '13, 6:48am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 5 (2013Feb23)

Crime bosses getting concerned about the success of the Golden Goblin, and the awesomeness of the gang of heroes protecting it's interests.

Sneaking into the Bone Yard in the dark, Brok whacks his...
Forum: Archive Jan 27 '13, 6:35am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 4 (2013 Jan 27)

Late one night, without warning, thugs come crashing through the front windows. The Fantastic Four quickly dispatch them, then hear a ruckus coming from upstairs. Mathilda and Kaer run upstairs while...
Forum: Archive Jan 6 '13, 6:39am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 3 (2013 Jan 6)

Party outside started the day by healing themselves a bit. Mathilda continues searching the room, starting under the bed. The room is littered with refuse. Gross. ArrDang climbs through the window,...
Forum: Archive Dec 16 '12, 7:46am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 2 (2012Dec16)

Following the heist, employees of the Golden Goblin dropped down to 3 (plus us):
Saul Vancasherhin - Owner / Proprietor
Larur Feldin - General Manager
Hans - Human Warrior
Bear - Human Warrior...
Forum: Archive Dec 2 '12, 6:56am
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Posted By chezpixelpixie
Part 1 (2012 Dec 1)

Strange shadow in the sky
estimated 2,500 ft altitude
approx 200x50 ft
elliptical orbit
shifts N & S as tides shift, nearest Riddleport @ high tide
spells targeted at it have vague results...
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