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Ghost Salvage: A Poorly Planned Sci-Fi Horror Game

Ghost Salvage - Forum
D20 Future
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Welcome to a Sci-Horror game likely to fall apart at the seems. You play as a team of soldiers, engineers, and scientists sent to investigate the loss of contact with a mining station at the far side of the galaxy. The rest of the plot is up to you; I'm going to be winging it as soon as you dock the station. This game will be based heavily on Dead Space and the Alien series.

Apply Here

Please to not apply to this game with high expectations, I know I will disappoint.

Game Description:

The ██████ Corporation (SHX Corp.) would like to thank you for joining our Lost Ship Investigation and Rescue team. Whenever we lose contact with one of our many mining vessels, cargo freighters, or combat patrol ships, we send you to discover and eliminate the problem. If the ship is unable to be repaired, you are to recover all important equipment, documents, and materials. Once again, thank you for your contribution to to ██████ Corp.'s Effort For A Better Galaxy!
*All payments are given after each job. Failure of your task results in an immediate fine to make up for costs. If you die, this fine is sent to your next of kin. All convict-workers are exempt from monetary compensation.

this game is a survival-horror game with a plot that is entirely made up as I go along. I do not intend for this to be a serious game and predict that it will probably die. This is game is going to be haphazardly GMed and is predicted to have a short lifespan, but I hope to make it enjoyable while it lasts.

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