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Call to War (exotic nature campaign)

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Ad Closes: Feb 20 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 5

This is going to be a homebrew game using nonhuman(oid) characters. The actual setting and intent is for specifically for a party of all fey or nature based creatures.

The ruleset is in the forum- everything you should need to at least know HOW to start- if you're interested, I'll give you a private thread and you can share your ideas in detail. Fey, magical animals, sentient ordinary animals, plants and other natural oddities are all more or less automatically approved- though approval of a character concept does not mean acceptance into the game. For those worrying about character creation rules- it's not that complex. If you've played pretty much any "superheroes" game, you'll probably be able to build your own without any handholding.

If you really *desperately* wish to try out "that awesome idea that never seems fit into the system"- I'm generally interested in that as well. I won't promise anything other than that I'm pretty sure it can be built (and I really want to see just what the system is capable of building in the hands of others- call this a playtest of sorts). All you absolutely must have to have a potential character is a reason to be in the wilderness, and a whole lot of enlightened self interest. But out-of-theme characters have much lower odds of acceptance.

Your characters automatically get some "partial memories" of one of the three humanoid civilizations that are active in this world. These were essentially memories pulled from members of those races and cobbled together and then infused into your characters by the forces that made your characters into PCs. You aren't necessarily *forced* to have or use them, they're mostly a way for your characters to have access to weapon and some magic talents- and perhaps most importantly *languages*. And to understand what's happening in this world that necessitates your character acting. These don't affect your characters in any personal way, and are little more than textbook knowlege to them.

Game Description:

This game is set, for the most part, in Wormverse. Earth Bet. A somewhat altered timeline. For the most part, the characters in the story exist and are active in this story. But some stuff is changed. A few years before the story events. And if I feel like you're metagaming with in-universe knowledge, I'll *deliberately* change it.

Not that it matters much in this particular setting.

Speaking of maturity. Yeah. We're looking at a high-lethality system in a *viscerally* hard setting. Expect characters to die. And expect ugly language.

I want real, human characters. Ones that are complex and interesting. Ones that may or may not be on the side of the law, but at least have *legitimate* hopes and dreams. As I told one of the applicants: If your character sees someone ripped in half and doesn't care. Or, worse, thinks "hey, neat". You're no longer in the realm of acceptable. You are now an NPC. Make a new character or quit. But that character is no longer under your control.

I'll help you with the system. Honestly, it's not hard. For the most part- you can play this game pretending it's a fairly gritty freeform game. And that should let things run smoothly for you. Character creation is the only legitimately hard part, and I'll be heavily involved in that for everyone.

The game itself will be *highly* sandbox. The plot is as much defined by your characters as by myself. There are several factions and you're all in what is, effectively, a prison. Enjoy.

I am putting a high demand on the players to be smart and aggressive. If you do nothing. You get nothing. You have to, essentially, earn "main character" status. Because all the NPCs? Or at least all the important ones. They think THEY are.

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