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2 Rogues and a Cleric walk into a dungeon...

Dungeon Runners - Forum
Ad Closes: Apr 22 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Looking for 2 Rogues and a Cleric to supplement 2 groups of Adventurers. You will begin with the same amount of XP as the group you go into. I group would love a Cleric and Rogue, the other really needs a Rogue. Ignore the original information below regarding applications and such.


Game Description:

Dungeon Runners Group 1
Expected Players: 2 - 3
Starting Level: 2
Adventure Will begin: August 5 or sooner, depending upon interest.

The large port town of Eldington lies on the Undiscovered Continent. It is said that the old fort two days out from town holds treasures and artifacts from another time. Unfortunately, it lies in ruins and there is no apparent way to plumb its depths to see if the tales are true. A week ago, a trapper came into town with the discovery of a cave a half mile out from the fort which was being used by kobolds! The trapper, not equipped to handle this menace has informed the local Adventurerís Guild.

This is a pure Dungeon campaign. Fighting will be prominent and often. Role-play within town and amongst party members is encouraged!

WANTED! Kobold Ears! We will pay 2 gold per person per ear. Any other treasures gained are yours!
Sign in with Ruone Hightower at the Adventurerís Guild. Ruone can answer any and all questions?

Important Information: Post Applications in the thread in the forum
Stat Block:

20-Point Buy, No Evil Alignments, 75% Max Starting Money for Class, 2 Traits, Fast Progression
Accepted References: Core, APG, UM, UC

Questions always allowed!

Already have 2 spots filled. Both are Fighters.

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