NPC List

This thread (specifically this post) is here to provide a list of NPCs that we encounter. I'll update this post as we go. Feel free to email me any corrections or additions. I will add a link to this in my sig, so that it can be referenced quickly as needed.

Thelya Keledhal, a priestess of Sehanine and Raziel’s cohort
Mistress Miha Serani, adventurer and sorceress
Chingshan no Jensyin, a priestess of Daesha

Drellin's Ferry:
Town's speaker Norro Wiston
Militia captain Sorannah Anitah
Brother Derny, the local priest of Pelor
Avarthel, the local druid
Sertieren the Wise, halfling wizard
Morlin Coalhewer, armorer and priest of Moradin
Delorah Zann (stable owner)
Kellin Shadowbanks (proprietor of the Old Bridge)
Iormel (local landowner)

Near the Keep:
Woodsman Jorr Natherson (RIP)
Wyrmlord Koth, the bugbear sorcerer in charge of the keep (Rot in Hell)
Old Warklegnaw of the giant Hillgazer tribe

Red Hand notables:
Green dragon Ozyrrandion (say hi to Koth for us. Kharn will be along shortly)
Wyrmlord Kharn, evidently the general in charge of the main army
Wyrmlord Saarvith, a leader at the ruins of Rhest (slain)
Black Dragon Regiarix, Saarvith's companion (slain)
Company Captain Jevek, a leader among the raiders marauding near Drellin's Ferry
Captain Satag, reinforcing a blockade on the Rhest Trail between Brindol and Mestar (dead)
Wyrmlord Koth, captain at Vraath Keep (dead)
Wyrmlord Ulwai Stormcaller, evidently responsible for the theft of the Ghostlord's phylactery

Viscountess Verassa Kaal, Soji’s liege-lady in Brindol
Immerstal the Red, President of the Wizards' Guild
Alandri, shopkeeper of the Red Door Magic and Sundries Shop, downstairs in Immerstal's House
Tredora Goldenbrow, High Priestess of Pelor
Sister Jenya, Tredora's private secretary
Tarsina Teyani Sura Leonis of the Lions of Brindol messenger
Her lord, Count Kerden Jarmaath of Brindol
Garbrick Bitterbeard, gnomish jeweller
Master Zeller, fine tailor
Deacon Threndel, second in charge at the Cathedral of Pelor
Sister Marka, treasurer of the Cathedral of Pelor
Shank, proprietor of Shank's Shivs and Brindol's main arms dealer
Eldremma Axenhaft, proprietor of Axenhaft Security, caravan outfitter and ex-adventurer

Adranna the Young, the Eth Speaker and leader of the druids of the Vale

St. Cuthbert priestess Sister Leille
Speaker ?
Harnil Rindsor, merchant saved from bandits

Nimon's Gap:
Leader of the militia Arlan Shepherd
Valeros Kimbrought, a retired adventurer who built the Cross-eyed Beholder, village headman

Baroness Celiira Nesten, Wolf's liege-lady

Tiri Kitor/Starsong Hill
Sellyria Starsinger, Keeper of the Blackfens and Speaker of the Tiri Kitor Elves
Killiar Arrowswift, Battlehunter of Tiri Kitor
Illian Snowmantle, Shaman of Starsong Hill, Priest of Aerdrie Faenya
Trellara Nightshadow, High Singer of Starsong Hill
Lanikar, Trellara's brother (slain by a harrowblade)