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Limited slots

The Land of Dien - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 7

Look who's back! It's me! With campaign notes! I'm not really sure what they are supposed to do, but I have heard they give me a +10 to DMing. ANyhow, this game is looking for a LIMITED number of players with an ACTUAL plot in mind, other than defeat the big bad.

Also, I will be off on a trip over the next week starting tomorrow, So there will be quite some time for everyone to put in an application.

Character Building
Starting level of ONE, uno, eins, 1. We play ground up!
STATS: 5d6V2
SPELL-POINT VARIANT(As in all my games)
Whatever race, or class you want. Do be some good players and make mostly good characters based on those silly ideas of justice and freedom and such.

Game Description:

It has been 68 years since Emperor Apaos toppled his half-brother,the lich Zanthax, from the throne. Though the peoples of Dien rejoiced at first his rule has become evermore cruel. The guards that patrol every street at one time would at least help the people, but now they let all sorts of monsters run rampant across the plains. Those who speak out against are banished to the underground world of Avernum, from which none have returned. With an ever growing powerbase, the surrounding nations are helpless to stop Apaos' expansion across the realms, but someone must stop the tyrannical rule...

-Well if you can hit with a d12...
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