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Adventure beckons in Fallcrest...

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Yeah so you saw it in a travel brochure or maybe at the back end of the Dungeon Master's Guide and never real thought that there was much going on there. Well, if there isn't, why are you reading this. Because you want there to be. You want to swing your sword, nock an arrow and cast those magicky missiles. At some thing, but what?
As the section on Fallcrest mentions, pc's need a place to go when they aren't hacking and slashing, someplace where adventures start right seemingly right on the tail end of the last one. Taken right out of the 4E DMG and tweaked and changed where possible, come visit Fallcrest and spend some time here, clear out some orc caves, slay a dragon or two and maybe save the princess. And then, when you've had enough, either go home or move on.

Game Description:


Hey, attempting to DM a free form solo/mixed group persistent universe with Fallcrest as a base-town. Check it out, if you want... Check this video-