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The Return of the Coven

The Return of the Coven - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 12 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

A Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game for 6 players

Game Description:

Return of the Coven
D&D 3.5 game
Starting level 4
Abilities 4d6 drop lowest and re-roll 1s, if stats are poor or just average then use 36pt buy
Alignment Prefer good but neutral is ok no evil
Allowed classes - no dread necro, homebrew or alternative paladins (tyranny etc)
Allowed books no exalted deeds or non WotC (if anything you specifically want ask)
HP max first level then roll (re-roll 1s)
WBL 5,400 (no single item to be over half this amount)
Setting is my own world of Chrystal

The morning was a beautiful early autumn day as the trade caravans left the coastal town of Hermits Spire and destined for the inland harbour of Pallaville, stopping at every town on the way as some tradesmen will leave and some will join. You joined for the coin that you will get for protecting the goods and people from bandits and monsters; this was like a regular job as the train took about 60 days and as long as you lived and fought you got paid 100gp for the full journey. You worked for the trade guild and sometimes it was easy money and sometimes it was dangerous, on the whole you gained experience and could make some useful friends. There was always at least 10 such protectors and sometimes more, anyone wanting to tag along paid the guild and was afforded the protection provided.
As you travel along you come to the old town of Monks Green and this is where the story begins, you could either be part of the train or join at this point.

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