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A Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy - Forum
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A bit about me
I am a Roleplayer of ten(10) years of experience, with five(5) years of experience with the various adaptations of Final Fantasy d6. I have Game Mastered for six(6) of my ten(10) years of roleplaying. And yes, the putting of numbers in parenthesis after the written word is a quirk I have and something you, the players, will have to put up with. I write as a hobby so hopefully I will be able to weave(no pun intended) a story with you all.

Don't let me being new to Mythweavers fool you, I am experienced in Play by Post games so I think I have a handle on the forum codes.

A bit about the game
This game will follow a simular vein and setting as Final Fantasy III with my own variations. So, let the nostalgia begin!

I have my own list of house rules and the character creation rules are here.

EDIT!: I should most likely mention that we are using this version of FFd6.

Game Description:

Bahamut sitting in his throne in the sky.
Airships flying over moutain tops while defending against sky pirates and wyverns.
Little goblin monsters sitting outside of towns because the town guard are obviously not well trained enough to deal with them on their own even though they've had years of training.
Chocobo running around in the wilds, just waiting for the opportunity to peck you in the face.
Little children chasing chickens in your hometown and store owners working their craft between sales.

These are all things, and more, that we think about when Final Fantasy is mentioned. All the nostalgic memories that are brought back when we close our eyes and listen to the soundtracks of the many different games.

Wouldn't you want to relive those moments, just one more time?

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