End Scenes

Doctor Strange's Santum Santorum

Doctor Stephen Strange sits cross-legged, meditating in the middle of the floor, as a hulking humanoid with ram horns on its head comes up from behind, secluded in shadow.
"Did everything go well with your meeting, Doctor?", the creature asks in a low, gruff voice.
Not bothering to even open his eyes, the doctor responds "Not as well as I had hoped. There was at least one other missing...and one I canot even manage to locate in this time continuum. I am afraid of what will happen if I cannot locate all of those revealed in the prophesy before Thanos' return..."

The Docks

After the gang war was averted, the heroes clean up after themselves and head back to Avengers' Mansion.
A weak voice calls out "...wait..." as the heroes leave, but to no avail; the voice is too weatherd and hoarse to have been heard.
A soaking wet man manages to climb over the end of the dock. He is completely soaked, as if he had spent a considerable amount of time in the water. His lips are partially blue and his skin appears slightly bloated, as if he has swam here from quite a distance away. He has a pack on his back which, if he had been swimming, could not have made it easy on him. He collapses on the dock. Frustrated that the costumed heroes who were just here could not hear him, he silently curses their poor hearing as well as his own hoarse voice. Happy to be finally out of the water, however, and convinced he is now very much alone, the individual lays motionless, eyes closed but conscious, as he attempts to summon his strength back through sheer force of will alone.
With a start, he sits up, having heard someone say his name.
Standing in front of him, and not there only a moment ago, is a man in a green suit, complete with a green cape, and a green fez.
"Jericho Tesla", the man in green before him says. "Welcome to nineteen-hundred and ninety-nine."