03/08/998 Ender's Run in search of..

A mean tempered small time thug for hire always lookin for an easy buck, lucky enough to still be alive, but not enough to have much money.
Kluh McCluh

"There's too many guardsmen 'round here for my comfort. We headin' to the Grindhouse, or am I headin' off? If you gots business, I 'spect a meal at least for my troubles."

Antonin Zivelda

Antonin turned a skeptical frown upon Kluh at the thug's words. "Ah, does the law make you uncomfortable? How unfortunate... but perhaps, to our benefit, considering the end to which we might utilize your skills."

The old man carefully adjusted his brim and began walking in the direction of the Grindhouse, allowing the others to match pace with him. "But yes, let us away, to the Grindhouse. There, you shall have your business, and your meal."

And then, thought the spiteful musician to himself, you shall have your just dessert.


Mooney makes the "after you" gesture to Kluh. He then keeps pace with him as he walks on the side of the man facing the open street. He wants to give him as little chance as possible to escape.

In NPC mode because of player absence.
Jarl helps box Kluh in by bringing up the rear. The thug looks a little nervous, surrounded as he is.


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