03/08/998: Afternoon, the Canal between Winchwell and Ender's Run

Krellish, upon reaching the wolf, pulls a vial from his pouch and, uh, tries to get the wolf to drink it's contents... rendering it invisible.

The wolf has ducked beneath the water to paddle toward Krellish. Though both are submerged, they are close enough to the surface to still serve as targets. Two plink harmlessly off the half-scrag's tough hide, while several cut through the surrounding water. Four embed themselves into the creature's back. Billows of red plume outward from the wolf's numerous wounds.

Krellish attempts to bring the potion to the wolf's mouth. It doesn't snap at him, but it does jerk back, seemingly confused by his actions.

Plan B...

"'Old yer breath. I'm getting us out o' 'ere"

Krellish grabs the wolf, dives under the water, and swims as fast as he can towards the sewer

Grundun Gemcutter

Grundun watched quizzically as Krellish tried to give the wolf a potion, but when he grabbed the wolf, Grundun recoiled slightly. Immediately, he sent to the wolf via Message, "Trust. Can't get worse, right? Go with him." Then he followed along behind the pair as well as he could, doing his best to remain as low-profile as possible. Which hopefully wouldn't be too hard, given the spectacle occurring above him.

Several more crossbow bolts bounce off the half-scrag as he positions himself between the guardsmen and the wolf. The injured beast paddles weakly under the water, diving as low as it can to get away from the harrying missile-fire.

Yells, muffled by the water, come from the docks on either side. The wolf lets Krellish lead the way to safety, toward the drainage outlet that he and his companions had forced open to allow him access to the canal.

Grundun Gemcutter

Grundun followed Krellish and the wolf as quickly as he could.

OOC: I'll hold up there just in case events upon arrival disrupt an orderly hello.


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