Issue Five: The Avengers Versus Everybody!

Energystar looks to the blue sky. She is still able to see the smoke and dust flying up in the air around the location of the where the mansion used to be. She takes Beorn's arm.

"No. I think a nice walk is just what I need." She smiles widely and follows his lead to the other teammates.

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"I think a nice walk is just what I need." She smiles widely and follows his lead to the other teammates.
NOT to be confused with MantaMan.
Blackbird, Bova, Cap, Fabian, Jarvis,
NOT to be confused with Blackbird.
MantaMan, and Radical Warrior stand together and watch the two heroes approach. When Mael and 'Star join the rest of them, their collective gaze turns towards the ruined mansion. The team stares at the ruined mansion in quiet numbness for a short while. After a few seconds of this, a whistling police officer passes in front of them, trailing a plastic yellow ribbon with the word "CAUTION", upside-down, repeatedly printed upon it in cold, black capitol letters, isolating the team from the mansion's remains.

Skip ahead.

EnergyStar sits on a non-descript metal chair, next to a small nightstand and talks on a telephone in a white, sterile-looking room.
"Thanks, Nick. We really appreciate it." She hangs up the phone. Smiling, EnergyStar comments "It's good to know people" to others (off panel).
Taking a small black book out of her
Where do heroes keep their personal stuff when in costume?
costume, 'Star flips through it, finds a particular page, picks up the phone, and begins pushing in a number.
Talking to the others around her (still off panel), 'Star says "Nick will have a SHIELD unit in place to guard the remains of the mansion within the hour, so we won't have to rely on New York's Finest to play security for us. He says he'll have them there as long as we need. He's also going to send in a team to extricate any relocatable technology that's still onsite and have it transported elsewhere for the time being. He said just to let us know where we want the stuff shipped. He also offerd to provide guards for here."
Turning her attention back to the phone, 'Star brings the reciever up to her mouth again. "Hi Crystal, it's EnergyStar...Hey, do you happen to have...", here 'Star looks up and quickly scans the room " for six..."
"Dont forget Jarvis and Bova"
, someone says.
"...and Fabian..."
, another voice adds.
"...nine...temporary boarders?...Oh, and do you have parking?"


A blue SUV drives up onto the roof of a parking ramp and suddenly stops there, probably so the driver can take in the unexpected sight of the several Avengers' QuinJets that are unexpectedly parked there.


Skip ahead.

Same room. Scanning around, we see Blackbird, Captain, EnergyStar, Maelstrom, MantaMan, and Radical Warrior all sitting or standing around the room. The Captain is addressing the group.
"Best as we can tell, based on what we learned from Moonstone and the other evidence we've been able to piece together...

More to come.


The Captain continues: …Radioactive Man was the brains behind the super-powered prison breaks that occurred between mid-March and early April*. He apparently decided to recruit his own "Masters of Evil" and somehow managed to acquire the plans for the old Hydro-Base, which he transported invisibly and placed over Avengers’ Mansion using anti-grav disks allegedly purchased from the Wizard. His plan was to blackmail the Avengers into giving him the coordinates to the blue area of the moon, which he was then going to run off to using one of the Avengers’ QuinJets. Fortunately, Fabian managed to shrink them all down to portable size using Hanks’ Pym Particles and get them out of the mansion before his agents could get to them.

The group in Central Park was apparently sent there as a distraction, to get as many of us out of the mansion as possible, making it an easier target. Mentallo, the Fixer, and Mr. Hyde were dispatched to the mansion and managed to rough up Jarvis, as he was the first one they encountered, although they apparently got to Jim Hammond, the Torch, as well.

Jim the android told Jarvis he encountered the Torch in the mansion who told him he was going after the intruders and to make sure everyone was out. After doing so, Jim went back in to help the Torch. The Torch apparently caught up to the intruders in the hanger and went nova – he’s only done that rarely before – it was an extreme measure, but apparently he thought the sacrifice was required. Jim got caught in the effects of that when he headed back in…

…as were the others…”

Here, Cap makes a sweeping gesture with his hand, motioning towards the line of beds lined up in what you can now see is a hospital ward. The unconscious forms of Jim the Android, Pulsar, the Human Torch, and Bubbles are all visible, as is a barely conscious Hank Pym, who seems to be listening to the debrief.

”Zemo apparently didn’t approve of this new ‘team’ using the moniker of the group originally created by his father, so he formed his own counter-group, and bribed the Wizard to betray Radioactive Man’s team. The ‘Captain Mar-Vell’ was actually a modified Super Adaptoid employed by Zemo to distract us and assist in dealing with Radioactive Man’s Masters of Evil. Which may explain some of the other odd appearances that have been reported recently…or not…

Well, that’s about it. That brings everyone up to speed…or at least as up to speed as we know at this point…”
. Turning to look at Hank, Cap adds “We’ll be staying with the F4…for a while anyway…you try and get some rest.” Hank blinks his eyes and gives a short nod in response.

”Allright guys, let’s go”, Cap says, addressing the remnants of the team.

Rad races for the door, getting out before anyone else even manages to move towards it. The team’s elemental embodiments of air and water, Blackbird and MantaMan, walk over and wish Hank well before departing. Beorn, now normal size and with his Aegis off, looks up from the piece of paper he was focused on during Cap’s monologue, stands up, and does the same. The piece of paper in Beorn’s hand happens to be the drawing one of his fans made for him; it was attached to the Avengers’ fridge with a magnet when he saw it last. Somehow, miraculously, amidst all the chaos, he managed to spot it in the debris after the team returned to the mansion.

Finally, Cap puts his hand on EnergyStar’s back and the last two visitors turn to leave the room.

”Hey…”, Hank says, pulling his
Yeah, I know, there’s an oxygen mask on a guy laying right next to someone called the Human Torch, this is one of those comic book “suspend disbelief” moments.
oxygen mask aside. Cap and ‘Star return to his bedside, placing their hands on the safety bar at its side. ”The world is going to need the Avengers…now more than ever…”. Hank closes his eyes and reaches for the side rail, placing his hand on top of Cap’s and ‘Star’s. ”You’re chairperson now. Keep the team strong.” Cap and EnergyStar exchange an odd look.

Minutes later, in what appears to be the basement of a parking garage, a lone attendant watches curiously from his booth as a single silhouetted figure, cape flowing behind him, descends from a ramp near the far end of the parking area. Nearing the booth we see it’s Cap, holding several yellow tickets in his hand. ”Hi. I want to pay for these; we’re about to leave.” The attendant looks at Cap, then past him, then back again. ”You pay when you drive out”, the attendant replies. ”Oh…no…”, Cap responds, pointing his thumb back over his shoulder in the direction of the parking ramp that heads to a higher floor, ”…we’re just going to take off from the roof.”


You guys can assume you have rooms at the Fantastic Four's HQ. Unfortunately, you'll all be sharing. Roomates are: EnergyStar and Bova, Cap and Radical Warrior, Jarvis and Fabian, Blackbird and MantaMan, and the odd man left is Beorn, who should be happy he lucked out and got his own room, but will probably just feel lonely, angsty, and outsidery because of it. Attempting to isolate yourselves from the Fantastic Four somewhat (you don't want to be overly annoying guests), besides the bedrooms, you also have access to a kitchenette, bathrooms, a meeting room, crime files, PC, link to SHEILD and the internet, as well as having Avengers phone lines temporarily rerouted to the phones in your conference room. Karma totals will be posted shortly, after which, I will start issue six.
GM Stuff

* See, way back in Issue #1. -Editor


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