Lenna Sha'am

Future run-ins. I'm referring to the Union itself frowning upon not getting a cut from the activities of high class courtesans such as Lenna, if she opts to do that kind of work.

For a woman in her position, there's a fine line between just being a desirable woman who gets invited to parties and showered with gifts by her admirers, and being a courtesan paid for services rendered. I imagine she'd be open to being hired to attend high class functions just to pretty the place up and be charming, sort of like a geisha, with no expectation of sex (that being left to her discretion). Regardless of whether she's being paid for sex, being paid to be an escort or a hostess falls under the auspices of the Union of Bards and Entertainers. If the Union got wind of it, and if she weren't paying her percentage to them, she'd invoke their ire.

Private presents, private dates, etc., aren't any of their concern, but there's a gray area between.

Best bet would be to ask the madam to set you up with a meeting with the right person to get you in on the staff of the production. Such a person might find roles for Asdar and Bax. Just dropping Malachai Lansing's name might give you leverage to get what you want, though it might not be wise to let on about the ABC's involvement. Still, it's a good card to keep in reserve.

I just had a thought! As you recall, Stefan Teague is involved in lobbying for the enactment of blue laws in Fairhaven. Hinting that you can use your influence to sway him, or at least distract him, would certainly give the Union reason to help you out.

I think, for now, it would be most prudent to say that Lenna has payed her dues. Maybe once she's a bit more settled, she can stop playing by all the rules, but for now...

What you've suggested regarding getting in touch with Madame Delureux sounds good to me. And believe me, I suggested that Teague be involved with blue law legislation for a reason... Perhaps, once Lenna digs her claws a bit deeper, her leverage over Teague can double as her dues to the Union, if things get serious enough.


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